When you should use blazer (and when to avoid it)

El blazer es un esencial del armario masculino y debes tener varios para las distintas ocasiones en los que puedes usarlos. Aquí te decimos cuáles son.

Por Alonso MartínezCuándo debes usar blazer (y cuándo evitarlo) Cuándo debes usar blazer (y cuándo evitarlo)

Blazer is one of the best pieces we can have in the male closet.It is a type of jacket that resembles the sack of a suit but with a more casual cut that allows us to use it on some semi-formal ones that do not require the use of a suit, but that continues to give the formal appearance that the look requiresmale.

It is essential that we all have more than one blazer in the closet due to how common it can be for some outfits.But when is the best time to use it and when is it better to avoid it?Here we tell you.

When you don't know if the event is formal or not

Don't you know if the event you have to go is elegant or if it is absolutely casual?Blazer is the reliable garment that remains in either option.If the event is casual, it will not look too formal but as part of an outfit, and if it is a bit more elegant, it will be covered.It is enough that you take care of the rest of the outfit and stay with dark tones if you think the risk of formal is very high.Anyway, the right blazer can keep you comfortable and with a good look.

For an important dinner

A dinner with your partner on a special date?An encounter with your family?A restaurant with a little higher level than the accustomed?In any intimate dinner that stands out for being special, the blazer is the appropriate garment.It gives you this necessary touch of formality without exaggerating and in general the outfit can say that in effect you are giving the necessary importance to the occasion.It gives you this classic male look, and in general it keeps you elegant without going to the extreme.

For a post 30s party

Cuándo debes usar blazer (y cuándo evitarlo)

Although it actually depends on the type of party, if you already exceed 30s, the blazer has become a mandatory piece.I prevents you from looking too casual with a T-Shirt, and at least it shows an effort for a slightly more complete outfit.It doesn't really matter what guy you use, as long as it is with the rest of the outfit and you feel comfortable.A blazer in clear or prints can be ideal, in particular if the party is a little more than a meeting, and requires a special touch.

For a business meeting outside the office

Either a business meeting or business dinner, Blazer is essential.Unless the Executive Business Outfit is required, the Blazer does enough giving the formal touch to the outfit, and in general giving the energy we have mentioned in other points.It shows a serious and masculine aspect, leaving everything casual by just using it.Just remember not to use anything too striking apart.

The office

Of course, the office is the ideal space for using Blazer and giving the outfit a formal touch, especially if you do not have such a strict clothing code.If you will see yourself with customers, if you will have important meetings and in general if you want to give a good image, the blazer can be your ally.

When you should not use it

Of course, the Blazer does not remain for a sports attire (although some outfit sportlounge manage to mix both), and in general we do not recommend it for the daily use of daily use.It should only be used for these special events since outside of it you can see you too formal just going for a coffee or walking through the city.In general, if you are not in a space or event that requires it, you should opt for something different unless you are completely accustomed to formality and all places to which you go.