How much money does Roger Federer have and what he spends it on, one of the best tennis players in history

*Article updated on June 2, 2021.

Fans of Roger Federer, the "Swiss Perfection", today see a wish come true: his return to Roland Garros against Denis Istomin. Seeing him compete again is a prayer that is visualized in the reaction generated by each of his posts on networks training, preparing, competing... and applauded by his unconditional fans from all over the world, from other elite athletes such as Kylian Mbappé to actors. like Antonio Banderas.

With a shirt with a gigantic Uniqlo logo, the one who was the richest athlete in the world – a position in which Conor McGregor is now, since the tennis player's coffers have been seriously affected by his injuries and his two knee surgeries in recent months – is willing to return to the fray. "As long as I'm happy and healthy, I'll keep playing," he said. Although in Paris, where he was a few days ago, we saw him lose against the Spanish Pablo Andújar. "This is the process I have to go through and that's why I can't get too depressed," explained the Swiss.

Still, Roger Federer has not lost track of the juicy sponsorships that have always accompanied him. Quite the contrary, the rush experienced during these months in which he has been fallow sports has been remarkable. Let's see what the perfect money maker Roger Federer has been up to this time.

How much money does Roger Federer have and how he has amassed this fortune

Exclusive brands raffle it off for the values ​​it represents (perseverance, constant improvement, creativity...), for its proximity to the world of luxury that tennis represents at the highest level, and for its elegance – its sophistication has been increasing –.

Today well advised, many of these firms continue, of course, betting on him and are old acquaintances of the tennis player – they have accompanied him almost throughout his career: Rolex, Moet & Chandon, Credit Suisse, Gillette, Mercedes Benz, Lindt and more recently, the Japanese firm Uniqlo that will earn 100 million euros a year for wearing the brand for a decade, until 2028.

Born in Basel, in the middle-class neighborhood of Bachletten, just a few minutes from the French border, Roger Federer found at a very young age a place close to home where he could begin to pay for his bright future: the Old Boys Tennis Club ( the club where his mother also played). The Old Boys currently displays huge photographs of Federer, from his early days, and boasts of being the place where the star was formed until he was 14 years old – in fact, it receives numerous tourist visits just for this purpose.

At that age, when he was 14, seeing his son's talent, his family decided that he should enter the national center of Ecublens, near Lausanne, where in addition to gaining greater projection, maturing in the game and learning French, he would become the Junior Swiss National Champion. At 18 he had already won his first Roland Garros tournament. The race had taken off. The biography The Federer Code (2018) covers the nearly one hundred titles won in a twenty-year career and is written by the journalist, Stefano Semeraro.