The Covid -19 pandemic continues, warn health experts - the new day

The Covid -19 pandemic continues, warn health experts - the new day

A pesar de que el gobierno flexibilizó hoy parte de los mandatos que había impuesto para el control del COVID-19 en Puerto Rico, expertos en el tema advirtieron que la pandemia continúa, que los casos, las hospitalizaciones y las muertes relacionadas a este virus siguen altas y que urge que la ciudadanía continúe adoptando las medidas de prevención para evitar infectarse.

"The concern I have is that the cases are still high.The hospital are arriving (many COVID patients) from 45 to 70 years and the probability of hospitalization is higher in those ages.The hospitalizations are still (COVID) are high, ”said Dr. Lemuel Martínez, president of the Infectious Diseases Society.

El Departamento de Salud reportó ayer 591 hospitalizaciones por COVID-19, 31 de ellas pediátricas.In addition, the agency announced the death of 36 more people because of this disease, patients between 52 and 97 years of age. Dentro de las tres órdenes ejecutivas emitidas por el gobernador Pedro Pierluisi para el control de la pandemia, la Orden Ejecutiva 2022- 007 establece que a partir del miércoles se elimina la Ley Seca, mientras los negocios podrán operar entre las 12:00 a.m.and 5:00 a.m.The capacity was also increased in different establishments and in the outdoor spaces of restaurants there will no longer be limitation of capacity.


"It had emphasized that adjustments had to.

Within Executive Order 2022-005, which will also enter into force next Wednesday, new changes are established for travelers.Basically, domestic flight travelers have “the completed vaccination cycle” must present their vaccination card or vaccination card, but they will not be required proof of the virus.Not vaccinated will be asked for the test, as well as international flight travelers, who must present evidence of vaccination and negative test of the virus held one day before addressing the flight to the United States.

La pandemia de COVID-19 continúa, advierten expertos en salud - El Nuevo Día

Para efectos de las fronteras, el término de “vacunación completa” se refiere a las primeras dos dosis de la vacuna de Pfizer/BioNTech o Moderna o la dosis de Johnson & Johnson, toda vez que el gobierno federal no obliga al refuerzo.Under the Executive Order 2022-006, however, all public employees of the central government are required, including public corporations and contractors who do face-to-face or frequent government offices, have the reinforcement dose on or before February 28 to beconsidered completely vaccinated.

"Pandemia has not ended.There is still too much uncertainty.Citizens have to understand that you have to continue making adjustments and that includes the reinforcement, the use of masks and avoid agglomerations, ”said Martínez, who urged citizen responsibility.


The infectologist warned that countries that have lowered the guard and flexible restrictions are going through great rebounds.He anticipated that the island could cross another for the Easter time, which this year extends from April 10 to 16.

At the hospitalization level, he said, many patients are still observed without vaccinating, with only one dose or without reinforcement.

"The thing is more fragile than we may see," he said.

Dr. Marcos López Casillas, Research Manager of the Public Health Trust, commented that he would have preferred that the governor had extended the current executive order two more weeks since hospitalizations and deaths remain high, as well as the virus positivity rate.

“Positivity is going down about percent per day, but with less than 10% it has been closed to the country several times.And right now we have 21% (positivity) and we are in the month with more deaths (Covid) throughout the pandemic, 454 ″, said the biochemist.

He warned that the effect that the return to face -to -face classes will be seen, both at school and university.

"Perhaps it would have been better that the average case will fall more and that positivity drops to less than 8% (before more flexible)," he said.

He added that the dry law, which will be eliminated next week, usually helps a lot in the containment of cases.

"Puerto Rico is still in critical condition.The infections are very high.We have to continue the prevention measures and put the reinforcement.People have to understand that although they are going down (the cases) there is still the opportunity for them to rise again, ”he said.


Por su parte, el doctor Daniel Colón Ramos, quien lidera la Coalición Científica de Puerto Rico, advirtió en su cuenta de Twitter que la situación del COVID-19 en la isla aún es “delicada”.He stressed that the governor makes his decisions based on data and recommendations that the coalition issues him, but also evaluates other considerations.

“The governor has always been clear in his aspiration to open.I would recommend not interpreting that decision as things are already fine and continuing the caution measures, ”he said.

Within the measures announced yesterday by the governor, the time limit was extended until February 21 for students from 5 to 11 years to complete their two doses of vaccination and those of 12 years and dose of reinforcement.