Selena's legacy: her nephew and a mysterious gamer keep her memory alive

Selena Quintanilla's legacy lives on more than 25 years after her death and continues to conquer new generations. Whether it's her songs that have become part of the popular domain, especially in Mexico and the United States, or her amazing and tragic life story, the queen of Tex-mex remains relevant.

In addition to the series that premiered in 2021 on the Netflix platform inspired by her life, Selena continues to be present in different areas, such as the family. And it is that now through social networking platforms a young woman has appeared who has been identified as the niece of the emblematic Mexican-American singer who made an era and marked an entire generation of Latinos.

It is about a young woman who calls herself Luvstruck on social networks, who, although does not mention her family relationship with the interpreter of Forbidden Love, there are many who users who point her out as the daughter of Sarah, the cousin of Selena de Quintanilla who lived closely with the late artist in her successful years.

There are also images of Selena accompanied by her cousin circulating on the internet and in forums dedicated to the artist, where they are seen together and happy, and the great resemblance between Sarah and Sarah stands out. the young woman who today is pointed out, without being officially confirmed, as her daughter.

Luvstruck, whose name is Tatyana Selena, uses the nickname on her networks and on the Twitch platform, where she shows off her gaming skills.

On the fan page Selenaeternamente, you can read: “Sarah is Selena's cousin and was one of her best friends, they grew up together. The dress she wore to the Grammys was chosen by Sarah, from the shoes to the accessories: 'The best memory, is shopping for Grammys night at the Galleria mall in Houston, Texas. She wanted to wear a black dress. And I went to a store and I saw the white dress, I knew it was perfect for her body, as soon as I saw it. When he came out of the dressing room, he was impressive! She bought the dress, she looked radiant.

With anecdotes like this, Selena's fans have taken the family relationship for granted and have begun to compare the beauty of the deceased diva with that of her presumed niece, who has more than 32,000 followers on Instagram, where she shows her photo sessions with which she has dabbled in modeling.

Selena's legacy: her nephew and a mysterious gamer keeps her memory alive

But the attractive gamer and model isn't the only young person Selena has been linked to, as Jovan Arriaga, son of Suzette Quintanilla, sister of the late star and drummer for Los Dinos, has also caught the attention of fans.

Suzette Quintanilla married Bill Arriaga in the 1990s, with whom she had the young man who, according to fans, shares the same physical traits and phenotype as the singer of Bidi bidi bombom, such as his nose, eyes, the smile and the shape of his face.

Jovan, who is currently 23 years old - the same age Selena was when she was shot dead by Yolanda Saldívar - bears a physical resemblance to her famous aunt, according to fans of the singer.

The young man has already stated that he is a fan of his aunt, however his identity maintains a low profile in the media because he has preferred to be discreet in his personal life.

It is known that in 2017 he graduated with honors from Corpus Christi High School and is currently dedicated to his profession after completing his undergraduate studies in Administration at the University of Texas, helping as a professional in family businesses, and that enjoy playing baseball. Selena did not meet her nephew, who was born three years after the tragedy, but according to fans, the star's relatives have taken it upon themselves to tell Jovan everything about the remembered singer.

“When she reached the end of her cycle, he had not been born, but we told him everything about her, he enjoys her songs and admires her a lot,” said Suzette Quintanilla in an interview.


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