How to create a business in Miami: Councils for foreigners |The new herald how to create a business without wasting time or money and obtaining a legal status in the US

How to create a business in Miami: Councils for foreigners |The new herald how to create a business without wasting time or money and obtaining a legal status in the US

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By Sarah Moreno


Pandemia, far from killing entrepreneurship, has made people mobilize and set to create companies.That enthusiasm, however, has to be accompanied by a plan to open the business and a financial and fiscal strategy to maintain and grow the investment.

This is a challenge for foreign investors, who want to put their money in business in Miami, without knowing the details of the legal system and the business ecosystem.

In a survey on the trends of small businesses in 2021, made by Guidant Financial, 29 percent of the interviewees said they wanted to open a company to be their own boss, 16 percent said they wanted to do what he is passionate about and17 percent said it was dissatisfied with the corporate atmosphere in the United States.

That passion and the desire to pursue a dream is what keeps interest among many business and entrepreneurs in Latin America to open a business in Miami.

Miami, Technological and Banking Enclave

Miami access

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As a diverse and global city where Spanish is spoken fluent and used in business and the banking system, Miami is a privileged place to receive that entrepreneurship.

In addition, the city is solidifying as an enclave for technology companies, more recently as part of an initiative of Mayor Francis Suárez, which carries out a campaign in the media and at the same time facilitates the path to entrepreneurs of technology companies and investorsRisk capital.

Miami was already considered the second financial center on the east coast of the United States, with the presence of more than 500 banks in the Downtown and Brickell.Now renowned companies are added that plan to open headquarters or ramifications in this city, such as Blackstone, a global size financial one, which will open a branch of technology in the center of Miami, which will begin operating in the summer.Also Microsoft, who already had an office for Latin America in FT Lauderdale, plans to establish another in Miami, which is not yet known to allocate it.

Open a business in Miami from an application

Another decision of the city of Miami proposes that future entrepreneurs find the process to start a business easier.At the end of January, Estart was launched, a platform that allows you to request business licenses from a mobile phone or computer.

Las noticias locales nunca han sido más importantes

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However, what for a local entrepreneur can be less difficult, for a foreign investor can be a nightmare.This must solve the immigration situation and the type of visa that can be obtained to open a company in Miami and have a business plan that makes its investment profitable and also protects its intellectual property.

There are many challenges facing foreign entrepreneurs who can lead them to make mistakes and lose money in the process of establishing a business, Alert Dayana Abreu, a Venezuelan lawyer presided by Global Business International (GBI).

The company, located in Doraral, offers integral counseling to investors to "enter and win in a market that is full of opportunities".

"Many think that at a distance they can do business, but that is not viable in this market," says Abreu, which has a team of professionals who advise Latin American entrepreneurs on legal and business planning issues.

The first thing is to know what type of visa is adequate for the entrepreneur, according to his business plan.

"Depending on that business plan we will support it in its immigration status," says Abreu, indicating that they guide them on the corporate legal structure of a company in the United States.

GBI's Finance Department analyzes the initial amount of investment, and makes a financial projection of the business to the three and five years.It also identifies market particularities for the product that the new company will offer;how this will be incorporated to suppla.

"Another of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs is to establish clear and legal goals, because the return on investment will not be immediate," said Abreu.

Errors that foreign entrepreneurs should avoid

Banking institutions establish that for a foreigner to open a business account in the United States, he must have a residence address in the country.

"We can register a company from outside the United States, but you can't open bank accounts," says Abreu.

An error that many entrepreneurs make is to make a trip to Miami to open a bank account.Then they cannot, and incur expenses that could use in another way, adds Abreu.

Before opening the bank account, the foreigner must register your company and have an employer identification number (EIN).You must have a commercial address and present a lease contract for a commercial premises.

At the same time, if all the partners or members of the company are not present, they will not open the bank account, Abreu points out about another very common error.

Another errors occurs when renting the commercial premises.Many plan to establish a certain type of business in that place, but do not know the regulations of the city and the county, which perhaps does not allow it.

The error is so common, that the Estart page warns that it is the responsibility of the business owner, before signing a lease contract, investigating the municipality where it is located if it is allowed, for example, putting a restaurant or a store.

“The consultant verifies the commercial space with the city and the county, and then makes the business operation.This allows saving time and money, ”explains Abreu.

Modelos de business más populares

The 2020 marked a trend that will be maintained, online trade, which now favors people of all ages.Therefore, Abreu recommends:

▪ Virtual stores.

▪ Pet services, since during the pandemic people have adopted or bought many.

▪ Applications, sites and ventures that allow socializing online.

▪ Fitness culture, sites and products to do exercises, healthy food.

▪ Everything that has to do with cleanliness and disinfection, either at home, public and leisure places such as hotels and offices.

Sitios en línea útiles para abrir business en Florida

www.Sunbiz.Org, resources for corporations in Florida.

Platform to open a business in the city of Miami from the cell phone or computer: be

Global Business International (GBI): 8200 NW 41 ST, Suite 315, Doral, 786-201-9911 and https: //

This story was originally posted on February 10, 2021 7:30 am.

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