The Nation Feria Granjera: They offer fresh products for Mother's Day Lunch

Family -producing families once again were present on the Costanera de Asunción despite the low temperatures that are recorded to bring fresh, agroecological and homemade products of the field to the city to the city.In this edition of the Fair Granjera, a holiday eve, producers bring all kinds of fresh food to entertain mothers, will be in front of the Urban Police Barracks until 18:00 on Thursday.

“Today we made a special fair as a preview of Mother's Day.We are with our commercial activity with a variety of food and products, which is the production of the field.We invite you to visit us, we will be offering what we brought all day, which already characterizes us, for example in the canteen the chipa grill is ready, ”said Diana Gómez, coordinator of the Granjer Fair, in contact with theGen channel.

The emblematic Fair Fair installed on the Costanera de Asunción is held every Thursday and Friday.In this edition, attending Friday and Saturday, the producers have already been present since yesterday and will continue today until 18:00.

La Nación Feria granjera: ofrecen productos frescos para el almuerzo del Día de la Madre

Producers who are part of this nucleation carry out the trade of products without intermediaries or support from the National Institute for Rural Development and Earth (INDERT).They bring their homemade and agroecological products from the country's rural area to Asunción for direct trade within the framework of the traditional fair.

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The sample has a canteen with warm food for breakfast as cooked with grim chipa, chipas, peanuts, peanut with honey, as well as there is for the tereré Rupa, which is part of our tradition eating something salty before taking theI will have and for this they have shedioca empanadas, butifarras, homemade sausage, pork rib, asaditos, among other delicious options.

The Fair brings together producers from the departments of Caaguazú, Central and San Pedro.Among the products offered: Egg.They also cook in the place and sell for breakfast, lunches and desserts.

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