The last secret revealed from Titanic

Thank you all for coming, from heart.

My name is Steven Schwankert.

I guess I knew in the titanic

Chinese citizens were traveling,

But there was no information about it.

However, when I started investigating a little more

I told myself:

"One moment, six of the eight survived".

One of them was taken out of the water

And perhaps it was the last person of Titánic?

The last person rescued a Chinese?

Really?What has been theirs?

Where are they?

Still alive.We have to find them.

-We are rebuilding all the ship.

Here is the titanic as it was.

She never mentioned the titanic, only that they had taken it out of the water.

There is no tail to get on the boats.

There is no reason for them not to rise.

Survivors, raise your hand.

There are not many possibilities

To correct the History of the Titánic.

And I think we have finally done it.

-The peculiarity of the History of Titánic

Is that what happened that night

Through a racial prism.

-Obrevive the titanic

It was not, at all, the greatest obstacle

that they surpassed in his life.

An ancient Chinese proverb

He says that a more fierce tyranny policy than a tiger.

They only stayed to bordolos who were very sick

and our Chinese survivors.

-There are much to answer a lot of history to tell.

-In no time for that night on April 14 they gave up.

And they did not do it for the rest of his life either.

We have a lot to learn from that.

(Dramatic music

I've been in China for more than 22 years.

I can say that in this life

Nopething interests me more than China.

I arrived here in 1998,

When the movie "Titánic" was released,

What was a phenomenon.

-When I surrounded the movie I wanted to tell the story,

not yet told, of the titanic,

of high society filling gold that went to pique

With the ship and that went up to the world in uncertainty.

This was the story that was told, which was consecrated,

But the history of the third class,

that of immigrants,

It is a story of more deep emotions

Because they had great dreams.

And know that six of the eight Chineses were over

It gives rise to that they can say: "Nopepew this is our story".

In the beginning we find only two name lists.

One of them was the titanic polizones

and the other the survivors list

of the carpathia rescue ship.

We knew that they all sail,

But they were traveling like passengers

Third class at the Titánic.

-It's names in English.

So we had a vague ideade how they sounded.

But each one of those pronunciations

They could correspond to many Chinese characters.

One of them in concrete.

For more than100 years

It was thought that the name of that passenger from the list

They were Ali Lam.

A, Ele, I, like Mohamed Ali.

Ali Lam.

Many foreigners, even some Chinese citizens

They do not know the custom that there is in the south of the country,

especially in Guangdong

to use the nickname to the person's last name.

And it is written "ah".

This was how we discovered that it was not Ali,

but a cursive version of A.

Ok, I understand you.

-You are just a matter of calligraphy.-Yeah I know.

-We work with very little information about the titanic.

Practically the name and approximate ages.

Cheung Foo is not an unusual name.

In fact, numerous documents appeared.

My favorite case of a Chung Foo.

A white woman married in 1925,

Georgina Bellman.

It is a peculiar case.

The woman contracted marriage or six times.

With Chung Foo spent nine years.

There was an opium traffic investigation,

A murder, a suicide.

The idea of finding an immediate family bond

It was exciting.

Did they have children? Do you live any descendant?

Maybe someone can confirm.

"Yes, my grandfather or my father of Titánic".

We spent several weeks by searching between documents

And we found one that revealed his age,

But it turned out to be very young.

According to a press article,

Chung Foo was ten more years old

that we were investigating.

Ultimately instantial exaggerated

make him our man.

It's something like...

The team was integrated by 16 people.

Each one occupies different aspects

And he focused

In the different survivors' countries.

It was a thorough job,

But that level of detail was essential.

-We find many online conversations

About the titanic.

And we found a forum in the one that people asked

If someone knew who Chinese passengers were.

And there was an account that he wrote many posts

About a slim survivor Fang Lang.

It caught our attention

And we asked ourselves as I knew so much about him.

Hello.I talk to Tom?


-Tom, I'm...-"Mr. John?".

-Yes, Arthur.

"Hello, Arthur.

(Dramatic music

Fang Tom? -Steve?



My son Steven.-How are you?

-I think then I would have the 50.

In fact it would be 58 or 59.

And this is the woman who told me the story.

She never mentioned the titanic,

Only they had taken it out of the water.

I remember that the first thing he told me

is that, in some way,

He had managed to grab a body that was floating,

to your body.

And then a door had arrived.

By then yono sabía nada About the titanic.

I was only eight years old, so I thought it had been in China.

In 2004 I brought my cousin here, to this museum that is huge.

It's called "House on the Rock".

And there was a sample of titlana's objects.

So my cousin Herny said:

"Your father was traveling there".

I had never established connection or thought about it.

It seemed impossible.

When we get home, my son Steven goes up running

The stairs sits to the computer

And seek: "Passenger list".

And find the name of Fang Lang.

But the issue schemes his name was not Fang Lang.

We think: "Maybe they have written their nameFong Wing Sun?".

But, of course, at that time

The story I had heard at age eight

And what appeared on the computer...

-You have.-...Start fit.

This photo is from the time in which I would go in the Titánic.


And you found the name?

Yes.Fong Wing Sun.

Yes.Wait, here another name appears.

Aquí diceFong Wing Sun.

And here Fong Sang.

Is incredible.-Yes.


Appears with a different name in each photo

And in none is Fang Lang.

Have you seen the Titánic scene

in which a Chinese appears at a door?

We should teach you.

Do we have a laptop? -I have mine.

-Are there a eliminated scene?

-It's the scene in which Harold Lowe

Turn around with the 14 to pick up more people.

And if everything fits, the character,

Although I didn't know...-He was picking up my father.

(Shout in English)

(Shout in English)

(Shout in English)

(Shout in English)

-A at 23:40 on April 14, 1912

The titanic clashes against the iceberg.

Third Class Singles

They traveled in Litease the front.

So when he projected her against the iceberg

They would have been the first to feel the vibration.

-The Chinese passengers

They would have immediately known that that was not normal.

Although they had been sleeping they would have woken up

and they would have struck that something serious happened.

Shortly after midnight the water begins to wet his feet.

They have no choice.

Frozen water is entering.

So have cogersus belongings and get out of there.

We knew where the heads of Chinese male passengers would be,

But not even looking plans, photos and drawings

We could have escaped us.

And we learned that someone was developing a video game

called "Titánic, Honor and Gloria"

About real time sinking.

A computer modelogenerated had been created

inside the barcocon luxury detail.

You can move inside in real time.

I thought: "Incredible".

"Who are they and why do they have something like that?".


Delighted.-I Matt.

We are rebuilding all the ship.

The corridors, the cabins, the pantries...

Here is the titanic as it was.

It is not an artistic interpretation, but the titanic as is.

Even the nuances of colors

and the mechanical details of the needles.

When we start analyzing possible escape routes,

The most obvious turned out to be the third -class passenger corridor.

They would have left their rooms and they would have appeared

In the covers f or g.

They had to have uploaded a couple of covers

And they would have arrived at Scotland Road,

which is a long corridor for third -class passengers

And that travels the entire ship.

-The people would have left that hall,

The Scotland Road,

The main access road for crew and travelers

Third class.

The crew drove passengers

Towards the Sala Comúnde The Third Class

And I told them to wait there

until they receive new orders.

-But the more we thought about it,

It seemed more to us that there had to be another way out,

Because there were professional markers.

-There are two stairs for second class,

one in front and one behind.

And it is possible to access them

Through emergency doors

duly labeled.

They are at the end of Scotland Road,

which is where they go up to third travelers of third.

So they know the area well.

-The staircase would come as soon as.

-I didn't sound them, but at that moment they would like to get out.

So the stairs climb.

-They would hear the stern boats, right?

-Yes, cerca de 13.

You survive the eight Chinese travelers,

But the 33 Bulgarians died

And the 49 Austrohungaros.

So it is a prominent percentage.

I have no doubt that it is a group that took the initiative,

who planted the situation and launched.

-When Chinese travelers arrived the cover of the boats,

The crew was lowing the brokers by starboard.

An officer shouted there were free places

In one of the boats.

So one of the Chinese passengers went up.

-In 1:40 and 2 in the morning

The last boats available are folding boats.

At that time the Titánicse is sinking for the bow

And the folding boats are touching the water.

People try to take refuge.

Four Chinese travelersvan to starboard,

To the area of the bow.

And they get into the folding boat C.

-We think that the last Chinese passengers

They ended up by watering the titanic

ended up going to pique.

El último secreto desvelado del Titanic

In the list of survivors we see that of the three

Len Lang and Lee Lingno survived.

Boat 14 returns to look for survivors

and picked up our men, Fang Lang.

-I have always admired man who grabbed a door

or a piece of wood,

Because much value is needed to do something like that.

Only a boat, Harold Lowe boat returned.

We are inspired by that to the great closure of the story

between Rose and Jack,

in which he diesy she is left alone.

To eat here or to take?

Fried noodles!Nopeodles!

I married Fong Wing in 1955.

I would be 21 or 22 years old.

Fong Wing would be about 60.

It was quite older.

-Is it well written? -I don't know.

Do not understand why different names appear.

Why are they different?

-Have you ever heard the name of Fong Sang or Fang Lang?

-Ella siempre lo había conocidocomoFong Wing Sun.

-¿SiempreFong Wing Sun?-SoloFong Wing Sun.

-Well, now.

He never mentioned the titanic.

I know nothing.

My son says he was going on that ship.

I answered:

"Don't say nonsense, I didn't know anything".

He was a very discreet man.

Covered his brother's expenses, his wife and five children.

One day they appeared at the door

And my mother did not know how to react, because it was a surprise.

She had no idea

And I think that brings your marriage tension.

-And I would do it again, right?

¿Cubrir los gastos? Yes.

From the Chiu family.

I was born in Hong Kong.

When I turned three years old

My parents decided that the city

It was not the best place to raise a child.

Fong Wing Sun and my father were

four years fixing everything to move.

And we receive the news that within 45 days

They would tell us when we could do it.

It was September 13, 1971.

We fly to Seattle to pass customs.

I remember the gentleman verified our names.

Transcribed our names in English

and gave me a silver dollar that I still have.

We were in Seattle about three hours and then we fly to Chicago.

Allí nos recibióFong Wing Sun.

It was something older what I had imagined.

He wore a coat and was going in a suit.

That is, with a very formal outfit.

That same night a reception banquet was organized.

The typical chinocon banquet tables for ten people.

Fong Wing Sun was about five seats.

So I approached and told me:

"The ship in which I was traveling against an ice mountain".

-The first night? -The first night.

He told me that it was a very large, huge ship

and that a wood had been saved.

-Are you sure you told you about the story?



(OFF) "Women and children first!".

-The subsequent days of titanic sinking

Many of the stories were written

who explained it that had happened.

The peculiarity of the History of Titánic

is that what happened that night

Through a racial prism.

The stories impregnated with racial issues

They were common in 1912.

The reasons were very varied.

To raise the Anglo -Saxon race there had to be another race.

The existence of another race

helps establish the meaning of one's own.

By then

The best positioned group to be the other were the Chinese.

-The folding ship C

We thought about the ideal place in the one to start looking

The origins of those stories

and try to unravel

a reconstruction see the facts.

We focus on which, apparently,

It was the list of the passengers that they got

to the folding boat C.

And we were name by name

Checking if possible Chinese travelers had said.

-Voucher.Sump...first class.

Ismay,first class.

-We are very lucky

that the folding boat C

It is also the boat that leaves the ship

J.Bruce Ismay, the owner of the Titánic.

Nope one was as interrogated in research as Ismay.

At the time I said these words

that I had seen four great Filipinos in his boat.

Leaves no doubt

that the seats had been hidden.

By port they were only mounted and children.

But by starboard

The policy of first

Women and children would rise.

That is, if there were not enough women and children

then they would allow them to go up on board.

Ensure that he looks around

And that looks and there is no one waiting to get on the boat.

It is an important detail, nobody expects to get on.

And if there are no more women or children

When he gets up last,

That means there is no reason for our men

They did not do it.

Ismayjura himself on his death bed

who did everything in his hands

To upload women and children in the boat.

And there is no evidence to show otherwise.

There were no women and children nearby

that that boat could have been raised.

The truth is that the folding boat is full when it touches the water.

Nope one takes the site to anyone.

My mother!

He says: "The boat was at the mercy of the water

When the surface touched

And the young Frank seemed an adventure.

Remember Look at the back of the boat

and see four Agazapados Chinese.

With confusion, they would have taken by women

for his black and long coats and his round hats ".

Please print that.

-It's, in the titanicviaja they eight Chinese passengers

And six of them survived, four in the folding boat C.

What have disrupted us the most

It has always secured that those four Chinese passengers

They were polizones,

that the banks had been hidden.

And we thought we would never be capable

to show the opposite

Until we build a real scale model

And we demonstrated that it was possible and what did not.

-Subits to the boat.

Well, that's.

Very good, so.

That's it.

Eight nine ten eleven.Good.

Two, three, four and five more.

Like Ismay, I upload the last moment.

Survivors, raise your hand,que yo la vea.

From here I can barely see the survivors

And that I am trying.

You have to imagine that the sun did not shine,

but it was night.

As soon as they move away from the titanicno there are light.

Apparently three hours later

that he had sunk the titanic,

When it has already dawned, Chinese passengers appeared,

They left or were discovered.

Those who are sitting

You can imagine that someone could spend four hours sitting

At your feet?

Wouldn't you notice it?Surely yes.

Nope one tries to deceive anyone.

We simply imagine what they see,

The perspective they have.

It is not very common to correct fragments

From the History of Titánic.

And I think we have finally done it.

I think we are quoted to those men

The opportunity to demonstrate that they were not cowards,

but simply people who wanted to survive.

Ismay wants to survive.

Carter wants to survive.

All those people want to survive.

They were in their entire right

And they had the opportunity by hand, there is no more.

When the titanic sank and evacuated everyone

In lifeboats,

These spent about three hours drifting.

And when I was about to dawn,

the transatlantic ss carpathia,

that I had listened to the aid signal

launched by the titanicacudó to the scene of the accident.

When it arrives and sees the boats,

start up all passengers.

All survivors rescue and go on board.

And then the carpathia turns around

And he goes to New York.

(Telegraph whistles

-The Carpathia advances direction to New York

and the newspapers of the time

indicate that more than 2000 people

He had swirled up his arrival.

When the ship arrived there was a sepulchral silence.

After Carpathiaiba a tugboat

full of photographers

that sought to portray them faces of the survivors,

Algarabía and tears.

And apparently they vocated them from less to more.

They only stayed to bordolos who were very sick

and our Chinese survivors.

I wonder if they could look at any window

and see what was here

and listen to people's screams.

They stayed one more night on the ship

and then the docking nine,

where they were transferred to Annetta,

that the next day sailed direction to Cuba.

-The different treatment with respect to the rest of the passengers

because they are not welcome.

The generalized attitude towards the Chinese

In the US.UU.In 1912 he was racist.

It was said that they took the Americans

And that they were foreigners that we did not want in the country.

They constituted the so -called yellow danger.

The Chinese Exclusion Law

imposibilitabaque entrasen In the US.UU.legally.

-The Chinese Exclusion Lawse aprobó en 1982.

The exclusion of Chinese Unjust workers.

It was believed that there were too many in the country.

Querían prohibirque entrasen In the US.UU.

so that there would be no competence with local labor.

In 1868 the Burlingame Treaty had been approved,

According to the qualities of a country

could reside in the other.

Por lo que era totalmente legítimoque se asentasen In the US.UU.

The US government obtained the Chinese government

to be discarded in 1880 part of this treaty.

So who was breaking her trust and acting illegally?

The US government.UU.

And suddenly the Chinese could no longer be part of the US.UU.

And think about how many tens of thousands of Chinese workers

I had built the railroad,

which was the spine that had risen

the country's economy.

I think the fact that they expelled those men

just after what they had lived

It constitutes more atrocity of the US.UU.

They were not thrown out of immigrants,

but for being Chinese immigrants.

EE.UU.They closed the Puertades after exploiting them

as many years as labor.

(Dramatic music

They arrived in New York, about 24 hours later

They got on a cargo ship and went to work.

But from that momentary they are mentioned again.

What happened to them?

How is it possible that they vanished suddenly?

(Dramatic music

The six survivors were marched in New York

In the SS Annettacasi immediately after

to arrive aboard the Carpathia.

And the Annetta track leads us Bristol's archives,

where they are preserved

many of the shipping records the time.

-Let's go there.

Here we have the documentation of the SS Annetta

In the port of Bristol.

Other details are also collected as, for example, fate.

This is the list of crew members.

And at the bottom of this page we find

The names of the five travelers who are looking for.

-It is true.

Ah Lam, Fa Lang,

-Lee Ping, Cheng Chip, Chung Foo.

-You must continue on the other page.

-Yes, aquí está Ling Hee.

AH LAM Sign your name.

Read chip.

Cheng chip signs its name.

Chung Foo.

It was probably illiterate for a brand.

What a pity,

Because the name in Chinoresulta of great help.

What is clear that our six survivors

They got into annetta and sailed.

And from there we follow the track the following years.

They went to what was known as fruit ships,

or bananas ships,

that traveled from different ports of the east coast.UU.

Even the Caribbean ports.

And then...Go, Chang Chip...

-He is left in the hospital.

-At the hospital.Oh.

-It then it is collected that the ship leaves.

He goes to the hospital, returns to the ship. And then he leaves him?


-The last trail that Chang Chip has

is that he is sick and abandon the Annetta

at some point in the US.UU.,

And then we lose your track.

Maybe I died there, but the fact is that we find

In the United Kingdom a Chang Chipque died in 1914

of pneumonia,

just a few months after it got off

In the US.UU.And it consists

that his profession is also that of sailor.

-When we discover the documentation,

according to which Chang Chip

had died in London in 1914,

We find an address in the Line House neighborhood.

We looked at a map for verifying was that neighborhood.

And we end up finding it

In the East London cemetery.

-The cemetery could not indicate it exact location

of the tomb because they had removed the tombstone.

However, a memorial had been built

To all the Chinese buried in this country.

And Chang Chip was supposed to be near him.

It is moving that Chang chip a dedicated place in London.

And he reminds you that behind all that search

There are flesh and bone people.

-Why eight Chinese citizens

They travel to the US.UU.aboard the titanic?

Because at that time there was a mining strike in England.

Your boss in the Donald Line thinks:

"Are we going to have these men here

Until the conflict is resolved? ".

"Nopepe.We will send them to the Noperth America Route ".

"We will buy you a ticket that are shipped".

They ended aboard the titanic

because it was unique serel that made that route.

But two years later,

When his contracts with Annettaiban to conclude,

Another opportunity appears.

And that's when, unexpectedly,

World War I exploded in Europe.

-The war explodes in Europe in 1914

and all British sailors,

that merchant ships had worked,

They were recruited to join the Naval Force.

Suddenly there was a great demand for operators

and sailors to work on those merchant ships.

And many of them ended Chinese sieondomarineros.

Between the beginning and the end of the war

The number of these Chinese sailors,

who worked in British ships,

He went from 5000 to 15,000.

It is very likely that some of our survivors

I would have worked on those ships,

touring the United Kingdom and Europe.


An identity and service certificate

which included a photo of the person.

We find numerous Chinese sailor cards

that our survivors could be.

(Dramatic music


"I have asked to verify the signatures".

"If so, we will have a thread to throw away".

That would give us more information about ah lang.

Because I think you had a C card.R.10

Maybe it was his.

"One of the AH Lam is Lam Choi".

"Age coincides and the photo says a lot".

"It seems that everything would have happened to him".

-Where goes after Annetta?

He worked at the Bendu, another ship,

And the next one in which you arrive at the Achilles,

that goes to Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

And there is where we lose the track,

to him and another 20 or 30 Chinese.

There is no record that has returned to the ship.

In the Achilles something appeared that I had never seen,

A separate sheet with a list of the ship's record.

And it includes the name of all Chinese sailors.

We will not see any of them.

-I began to investigate had passed

In the years after World War.

I guess there are many factors that led to hardening

of hostilities towards foreigners

in the United Kingdom.

There was a recession in global trade.

So transactions were reduced.

That means suddenly hundreds of Chinese sailors

without employment by Liverpool and London.

In national archives, in Cube,

I found a lot of documentation that had been exchanged

Among the Ministry of Interior, Liverpool and London's Police.

In them the question is addressed

How to deal with all those Chinese sailors.

Their names are very confused

And we don't know how to keep track.

And at the end of all that documentation

There were many conversations pages

referring to repatriation

Immediate of the Chinese the war.

-We have reviewed ancient perpetrators.Behold.

"Great exodus of sailors of the east".

"Chinatown London".

"A surprising change.The end of Chinatown ".

The journalists come to the Chinese neighborhoods

Liverpool and London seem ghost neighborhoods to them.

According to ship records,

There is a clear relationship of these neighborhoods

And, in fact, sometimes they write:

"Chinese neighborhoods stay Chinese sailors".

And then los vemos desaparecer

In Asia to British ships.

-The Chinese sailor repatrices to Asia

They helped explain her sudden disappearance from Ah Lam.

But then we discover a similar story,

Ortrode our survivors,

Ling Hee.

-I think we have found a C card.R.10.

The name does not match

with the one that appears on the titanic list.

There Yum Hee puts.

But the good thing is that we have this photo and it looks clearly

who has a healing the left cheek.

The specific annetta list

that had a great healing the left cheek.

The scar looks perfectly at the photo.

And we have also found your signature.

He wrote his last name, Yum.

So he has to be.

The last boat in the one who worked Ling Hee

It was the City of Kilum.

It is registered in October 1920..

He got off the ship

In a city of Indiay did not return.

Yes, en la India,en la ciudad de Calcuta.

-We know why he got out there?

Probably because the only stop calcutes

that the City of Kilum did in Asia.

He was not Hong Kong or was close,

But maybe it was the closest thing that was going to be from China.

I just wanted to go home.

Let's not forget that they could not

Return to EE.UU.nor to England.

The government said then:

"We don't love you here".

And without prior notice

grouped all those people

and threw them out of the country.

He moved them away from their families, their women and children,

of their communities.

And sent them back to a country in which they had not lived for

10, 15 or 20 years.

In the United Kingdom we have a story

The less complicated with many countries.

There is a lot to answer a lot to tell.

¿Habéis descubierto algo más?-Yes, unas cuantas cosas.


to celebrate the family meeting of the Fong,

that was always organized

In a big restaurant in Chinatown.

And my father was well known in that environment.

Passed by greeting everyone.

I went by his hand and heard him say:

"This is my son.I present my son ".

This proud of me.

I was always dressed in suit.

I never went with informal clothes.

Or at least I remember.

Always with a jacket, dress pants, tie.

The memory I have from my father Esverlo dressed in suit.

I think I was trying to show a businessman,

merchant or something.

Then he led a more humble life

and worked as a waiter and things like that.

Yes, aquí está.

-¿Yes?-Ahí está.

-Yes, es este.

-My of mine, I know who he is!

-Yes, sí, es él.

Nopew I know who it is.

-Is this.

-Madre mine, now I know who it is.

How good you would say it.

That picture is old.

I had a photo of him taken from the Internet.

-Very well. Yes, es él.

-If you want to stay the photo.

-Do you want to stay the photo?

-Tomnos' story continues to intrigue.

The mystery was that if Tom's father was Fang Lang,

that is, the chinorescado passenger of the water,

Why was there a change in the name and when was that change?

¿Cuándo pasa de ser Fang Langa serFong Wing Sun?

-The exclusion law

only affected workers,

But not to the merchants of academics.

Merchants have permission to travel freely

Between China and EE.UU.

And every time they returned to China

They claimed that they had had a son.


they sold to some document they received

para que le permitieran entraren el paíslegally.

The so -called children of Papeleran very reserved

because they didn't want anyone to know their papers were false.

It was something that traumatized many of them

And they didn't even tell their families.

-My grandfather arrived in the USA.UU.In the 20s

And someone said:

"If you want to go to the US.UU.,

I can help you with expenses to get papers ".

My father told me that he had been working

two years of Grumete on a ship

And that one day when entering Brooklyn

The Captain said: "Read, get off and not come back".

It hurts to count those sews try to protect us.

That's why I don't even mention it less than we ask.

Didn't you know that your parents spent days crying

Why was he starving?

Of course not, you had never told me.

I find out now while I took me in a cafeteria.

I can't imagine a 16 -year -old kid

that arrives in an unknown country without speaking the language.

It is a trip without return.

They kept believing in the future.

And they endured whatever the good of their future children.

-Nopew you know this, what do you feel towards them?

I believe that...



June 21, 1894.

Sometimes it was ashamed because your father was very old.

But then the image comes to me when it sat quietly

And I looked at me as wanting:

"I wish I could tell you so many things".

But I didn't.

I would be about 21 years old when I was already 80.

At 21 you are starting life.

You start leaving with girls, for example.

You start studies, to work.

At that age you think so much about history.

And he was a walking history book.

But we never shared with us.

-I have found this cut.

He stays single does not want to continue living.


-A woman, who today, was going to marry one Ah Sam Len,

which is a name that looks like one of the titanic.

Apparently he returned to China to solve

The import of certain merchandise.

And while she was absent, she asked two friends,

Sam Fang Lang and Lee Ling,

that accompanied Cleveland.

Of those three people, a.

It is clear that it was known to get on the titanic.

The subsequent days of titanic sinking

Several ships have left the place of the events from Canada.

They collected about 250 bodies

And they were transferred to Halifax to bury them.

One of the descriptions of the buried body

In Tomb 233 he said:

"Black hair and eyebrows".

And in parentheses said: "It seems Japanese".

We know that aboard the titanic

A Japanese was going and who was rescued.

The other Asians traveling

They were the eight Chinese passengers.

So if there is an Asian buried in this grave

It has to be one of our two Chinese travelers

that did not survive,

Lee Ling or Len Lang.

It has to be one of the two.

(Dramatic music

-We want a lot of time trying to fit the pieces

that we had been finding different documents.

Then we gave a specific reference

A man named Lee Bing

In the memories of a Canadian journalist.

That Lee was binged a cafeteria

In the city of Cambridge, in Ontario.

And sometimes his clients told his experience

as titanic survivor.

-The first waves of Chinese immigrants to Canada,

mainly as labor,

They started in the mid -nineteenth century

And they continued until 1923.

The law that controls China migration to Canada

It is the Chinese Immigration Law.

All the Chinesesque entered Canada

They had to pay $ 50.

The idea Erarestringir this migration.

We have very few photographs of labor from other races

of that period of history.

It seems incredibly important

See the faces of those workers,

Of those cooks of those miners.

-I began looking at the business genealogy ancestry,

But I found Lee Bingpor all ontarium.

Online you have access to everything.

So I went to the archives where I located

Business Directories White Rose Café.

This is the photo.

It can be seen in the three windows above

Written "Cafeteria".

We have a couple of photos of Lee Bing.

These photographic plates.-Oh!

They are from the Robert Darrow collection,

A Galt photographer, California.

-Very well.

-It's the only person that is not white

In a collection of 1800 negatives.


-This is the census of Galtde 1921.

And if you look down here

You can read the name of the read family.

-Very well.

-The last one that appears Mr. Bing.

And look here, he is 19 years old.

According to that it would be too young.

How old are other members of your family?

His uncle Sam, who would be Sam Lee, was 44 years old.

Coon Lee, 40.

The case of Coon Lee is curious

Because I would have been born in 1841.

So I could be the age we think for Lee Bing.

What do we have then?

We have read about Lee Bing.

We know that he has ido people.

From his restaurant that had been in the Titánic

With every little detail.


There is no dudade that this is the family.


What is not so clear

It is which of them is Lee Bing,

since there have been many names of names.

-Then Canada,

Julie found Coon's tomb reads the outskirts of Cambridge.

It indicated the year of his death, 1943,

The year that closed the White Rose Café.

Maybe a young lee bing

That death would have gone to Torontotras.

The grave indicated a possible place

of birth of Coon Lee,

a city called HENG-Tang, in Taishan,

near where he was bornfong wing Sun.

(Dramatic music

-Sus parents or their grandparents

They ever spoke to them of a shipwreck?

-I dont know.-They do not know.

-Do you remember if someone from here

He went to another country to work on a ship?

Yes, se fueron todos a San Franciscoy nunca volvieron.

There was someone called Ah Sang.

I understand.

Ah Sang went to the EE.UU.

I was my grandfather's friend.

Here they were like brothers.

Do you have the family tree?

I have letters, a lot, many letters.


Yes, cartas de mi abuelo.

Fong Wing Sense wrote them to my grandfather.

My mother. My mother!

Nopevember 27, 1980.

"Today I received your letter".

We could see all the letters

queFong Wing Sun había escritoa un familiar.

It has a very clear calligraphy in English and Chinese.

Thanks to them we confirm that we knew about that character.

Keep sending money at an advanced age.

Thank you very much.

-The name is Chang.

Están preguntando About the titanic,el barco extranjero que naufragó.

There was a passenger surnamed Chang.

Have you ever heard that story?

When we were little

They told us about a man of that shipwreck.

And remember...Do you know your complete name?


-He knows he was a changy who had gone from here.

-Yes, de aquí.

-What more in the villages that story apart from you?

Well, many...

They have already died.

Is it yet possible to see the Puertodes of the one who sailed?

Does the port are seen from here?

Now it's called Sisui.Everyone left there.

-Here we are,

After checking that everything points out that they left this dock.

I believe that es muy importanteque hablemos de ellos,

Because thanks to them

People know how far a citizens of Taishan arrived

In the last one hundred and years.

(Dramatic music

-The great discovery of that trip

was that we could sit

con el sobrino nietodeFong Wing Sun,

Who looks a lot like.

In fact, when I saw it I was impressed.

We were reviewingvarious details with the Fong family,

Asandocómo knew one thing or the other

And suddenly says:

"Ah, yes, he wrote it to me in a poem".

"High is heaven,

wide the seas,

The waves break and disintegrate.

A wooden trunk saved me.

I find Lifea three or four friends.

That takes my sadness and flood me with joy ".

That was what he wrote.

Nopesotros tan solo lanzamos al aire

A few general questions.

And without forcing anything that poemque left illustrates perfectly

The story of Fang Lang.

Something unheard of.

When we get back,

We write it and look at it well,

But what if you have been told?

-I began the need to find the request

Fong Wing nationalization.

It is a document that you have to fill out

If you want to become an American citizen.

Fue admitidolegallyen Nueva York comoFong Wing Sun.

September 15, 1920 aboard an unknown ship.

Cinthia Lee is also analyzing them ship records.

And the expected would be something similar to this.

-What we had in hands

It was trying to place Fang Langy Fong Yung Sun

In the same place and in the same temporal framework.

A partner found a ship's card

And the only information was in it

It was the name of the ship, the rondo.

And it is clear that our man was in him.

Fang Lang, August 18, 1920.

Fong Wing Sun

He states that he was in New York on September 15, 1920,

Very shortly after.

(Dramatic music

It has to be that.

Lowe commander's plate is forced.

Hello. ¿Señor Lowe?-Yes.

I am Tom.

It is a pleasure and an honor to meet him.

Delighted.How great you are.

-Then my father was on that ship.

-It was this.

We see how this boat advances to the Carpathia.

These are certified inputs and outputs.

The ships through which it passed.

This is the titanic.

Firmado el10 de abrilen Southampton.

Fifth officer.

Date and place of registration April 15, 1912,

at sea.

-Is that the famous photo of his grandfather who is always on the computer?

-There are some.This is one.It can be.

¿Me la da?-Yes.

Thank you very much.-No problem.

-Thank you.

I have written something from behind.

"From me for you".

My mother!.

(Dramatic music

Thank you very much, John.

I really thank you

that he has dedicated me from his time.

No problem.My pleasure.

This closes the circle.


Nopes hemos encontrado.

I greatly appreciate it.

(Dramatic music

I was very excited to meet him.

Nope sabría explicarlo.

If his grandparents had been so good person,

Neither my family nor I would be here.

I remember that day,

When I left his house, I read the plaque:

"Here is the fifth officer of the Titánic".

That marks you and is known about that.

And I'm not sure if I want that notoriety.

I just want to know it truth

And how did the events happen.

-In an era that people keep migrating

And we continue to examine these issues

I think we look back

to stories as those of those six people,

Let us analyze how much they struggled,

what they did, why they did

And why was it worth it.

Life were sought in a place in which they were not welcome

and where they were not entitled to nationalization,

but they continued to insist in the way if one day they would achieve it.

(Dramatic music

(Dramatic music

(Dramatic music

(Dramatic music