Samsung risks fashion and throws "jeans" pants

Samsung risks fashion and throws "jeans" pants

When it comes to definitely impressing Samsung is a marketing teacher.And this time with the launch of his mobile Galaxy Z Flip3 was no exception.

The company also decided to enter the fashion industry with a new product.Yes, you read well ... Samsung created a special design to view when you have your new galaxy z Flip 3!

New jeans exclusively so you can comfortably carry your new mobile is the option offered by the technology brand.

We know that sometimes getting a jean that is comfortable to carry our mobile device can be complicated, but in this case Samsung thought about everything, since these jeans that cost 1.$ 499 have a pocket especially for the new galaxy.

The company's Australian division announced that they were associated with the Swedish brand DR.Denim to create these limited edition pants and that are undoubtedly a perfect plus for the sale of the new galaxy, due to its innovative design that allows the smartphone to host and are called "Z Flip Pcket denim".

Samsung se arriesga en la moda y lanza “unos pantalones vaqueros”

Models carry Samsung's jeans and dr.Denim./ Samsung.

On the design, the brand stressed that the pocket is located along the jeans that are large enough to house the galaxy z Flip 3 and thus Samsung decided to remove the rear pockets, because it ensures thatYour new mobile needs less space than the rest

Meanwhile, the original front pockets have been sewn with two Z, so that we do not make mistakes when saving the device.

The company also reported that they have only limited themselves to creating 450 units.

Finally, we had already mentioned that they will have a cost that seems high, but the funny thing is that the price also counts the mobile, so in this case you would be paying is the galaxy z Flip 3.A 2 x 1!@mundiario