Hippo paintings celebrates a year of growth with its traditional Christmas gala

After the unstoppable growth of 2020, the year in which the painting sector was reinforced during the pandemic, hypo -capotamo paintings ends 2021 complying with the growth forecasts they had raised.In total, 28 new customers (more than two per month) and an increase in turnover of 23% compared to the previous year.

"Despite the situation so convulsive, with continued increases of prices and raw materials, the forecasts for 2022 are positive," said Ibáñez to this publication about the forecasts for next year."We hope to increase the commercial template in order to provide better service to our customers," the CEO continued.

These growth forecasts allow the company for painting professionals to provide the end of the year, facing with the entry of 2022.

Pinturas Hipopótamo celebra un año de crecimiento con su tradicional gala de Navidad

Hippo paintings is a company that offers solutions and painting and coating products for companies, professionals and individuals in Zaragoza and all of Spain, which meet specific protection and decoration needs.Among other services, guide the ideal technical specifications of coating, color and texture for customers from all sectors.