Telva the Christmas snack between friends who will inspire you

Previsoras y organizadas, estas seis empresarias del mundo de la comunicación, el diseño y la belleza se reúnen para una merienda de amigas por Navidad. El punto de encuentro es el estudio de arquitectura de dos de ellas, las interioristas Cristina Espejo y Marta Goyanes en la céntrica calle Bretón de los Herreros de Madrid.Telva La merienda de Navidad entre amigas que va a inspirarte Telva La merienda de Navidad entre amigas que va a inspirarte

Although Ana Joga's catering is more than delicious, they did not resist asking one of the most good roscons in the capital, that of delirium bread and the chocolates, truffles and brown glacé, of the bow tie.

Marta y Cristina de Espejo&Goyanes, las reinas del diseño de interiores

They met at the Polytechnic of Madrid studying interior architecture and ten years ago they set up their own study.Its strong point is the design of private houses.The two agree that they also have to be a bit psychologists to capture what their customers want well.

Marta Goyanes (Bethesda, United States, 1986).His father is a ship's captain and they have lived in different countries.She is married and has two children, 4 and one year old.At Christmas they will go to the port of Santa María, where is his family, and at the end of the year Fiestón with his brothers at his home in Madrid.His style is "very casual, but at Christmas we have always fixed a lot to go to grandmother's house, velvet, sequin and heel".With the children "we will go see the lights, visit the botanist...And on the Immaculate bridge we already put the tree and decorate the house, it is tradition ".

Cristina Espejo (Málaga, 1985), is married and has two children, 3 and 5 years old.Christmas will spend family at their parents' home in Malaga and at the end of the year they will go to "a beautiful hotel in rate".What he likes most about Christmas are the meetings of many people, family, friends, chaos, noise..."One day a year I don't care about anything chaotic".This Christmas will be a very longed for Christmas, "last year by the pandemic she was surreal and the previous.He likes to get ready and get on the heel that day but "I love to improvise, I always decide what I'm going to get on the fly and at the last minute".

Ana María and Andrea, La Sombrera and the Communication Expert

They set up Kimomi 5 years ago, a fashion communication agency.Andrea Pascual came from the world of law and communication, Ana María Chico de Guzmán of the company and design.When their paths crossed they formed the perfect tandem.

Telva La merienda de Navidad entre amigas que va a inspirarte

Ana María Chico de Guzmán (Madrid, 1981).He studied Business Administration and Management in Cunef and a Master of Styling and Fashion Photography in FDI.He started selling in multi -brand stores brooches and necklaces, then went to custom headdres...until becoming one of the best known and most known hats of the most cool weddings with its Mimoki brand.Together with his partner Andrea Pascual, he directs the communication of 15 brands of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.His last adventure has been to create the Dragon Girl clothing line, of his Mimoki brand.

This Christmas will spend her at her parents with her husband, her daughter Neva, her brothers and nephews.He already knows that Mimoki's Beatriz dress and Geanina Calin's black rooms are going to be put."Then we will spend a few days in Bilbao with my mother -in.With his daughter Neva he will go to the theater to see Jack and the beans and to skate on ice in the Plaza de Colón.Will welcome the New Year with a set of Vichy of Mimoki paintings.

Andrea Pascual (Valencia, 1979).He studied law and specialized in intellectual property and copyright.He worked in the world of advice but wanted.Your Christmas plan?"When my mother -in -law lived, Mrs. Pilar, we celebrated her with her.This year we will spend Christmas Eve at my sister -in -law Simoneta and Christmas with my parents in Mallorca.New Year's Eve we always organize plan with friends.Some years we have gone to ski but we are surely going to my swamp house in Valdecañas ".And in a matter of styling?"I like to fix myself but also go comfortable.I can only heel on 24.On 25 and 31 jacket suit, a two pieces and flat shoe ".His son Juan is 5 years old, "I will take him to the Kings ride for the first time and I will work for home decoration more".

María Serrats, from the world of finance to jewels

Marías Serrats (Bilbao, 1984).He studied business in Madrid and dedicated himself to the world of finance until his third daughter gave birth."I made the decision to break with the above, to launch myself to explore my most creative side, and that was born Lehona, my jewelry firm in 2020.I have inspired my grandmother's medals and the wonderful jewelers near the Jewish neighborhood in New York ".Lehona's collection consists of 10 medals that are recorded from behind and 7 chains, which can be combined as you want.All of Gold of 18 K.

At Christmas "we are going to Bilbao and we will also pass, also as a family, New Year's Eve skiing in Baqueira".Until then the plans with their children Lucas, Amelia and Catalina, in Madrid they will be the most varied."Chocolate in San Ginés, the exhibition in Goya, Circlassica and the musical of the Lion King".Maria likes to fix and think very well the looks.Some piece has already been bought in its three favorite brands: Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent and Totême.

Martina Jáudenes and the acne that made him launch the Mumdose Cream line

Martina Jaúdenes (Madrid, 1991).He studied cunef and although he started working in the financial world, he always had the thorn of undertaking."My mother is passionate about the natural world and when I, with 16 years, I began to have acne problems -which were not solved or dercuting or with pharmacy creams -she found the ingredients to calm my skin creating a soapAnd a moisturizing cream that changed my life ".Together they created Mumadose in 2018."With few very well designed products you can have a more than complete routine and our brand is a 100% organic and vegan natural alternative for skin care".Its star products are the soap tablet, the balancing tonic and the moisturizing cream.

Martina is married and has an 18 -month -old boy."With my son Christmas have been fun and exciting again.We still do not know what plan we will do those days but surely as a family in Madrid.Looks for Christmas and New Year's Eve?"For 25 tweezers, shirt, velvet and heel American.On 31 I will put on a sequin dress and a blazer ".

(Makeup and Hairdressing: Moncho Moreno Hall).

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