Dubai offers shoes with diamond inlays for 17 million dollars

A pair of shoes with diamond inlays went on sale in Dubai for a price of 17 million dollars.

The shoes are exhibited in a diamond -shaped glass box on the highest floor of the Burj Al Arab palatial: a pair of tacos made with gold leather and decorated with more than 100 carats of perfect diamonds on white gold.

They were designed and manufactured in Italy with 236 small diamonds, as well as two of 15 carats without defect and of degree "D", that is, colorless and therefore of very high quality.

En Dubái se ofertan zapatos con incrustaciones de diamantes por 17 millones de dólares

"We can see some potential buyers here, Dubai is the city of millionaires and billionaires," said Hemani Karamchandani, executive president of Pasion Jewellers, who made the line of ultra luxurious shoes.

"In the future we will design and produce (shoes) custom (...) not only with diamonds, but with rubies and sapphires, "he added.

The idea of the shoes came from the partner of Karamchandani, the 26-year-old British-Romanian Maria Majari, who studied fashion in Dubai and London.The designer noticed that there was a chance, since super luxurious clothes and wallets were offered, but not shoes.

Diamonds can last forever, but what about leather?The price includes a life guarantee, which means that it will be replaced as it is used.(AND)