Betech: 4 apps technology news to buy cheap clothes on the mobile these sales


January 2021 are here.And if you need to look for clothes, here are several applications not to leave home.

Cesar Otero

Looking for offers any day during the week is something that can be done today easily online with applications and blogs of discounts that work all year.But doing so from this week, with the 2020 sales, it can be an exercise of risk for mental health.And we are in the first major purchasing event of the year, which can be a madness of offers everywhere.

What if instead of seeing all we simply take a look at the best offers of the day at all times?And if instead of looking for them, they arrived in the form of alert to the mobile?Here you have several apps to search clothes and accessories:


The APP of a website well known for the fans of online purchases, showroomprive fashion, beauty and lipestyle with clothing, jewelry, cosmetic and even gastronomic products in a service that allows you to pay through the app and offers discounts from discountsUp to 70% throughout the year, not only at specific times of the year, in addition to some exclusive for its mobile application.And to start € 10 for all first request greater than € 40 purchase.It is available on Android and for the iPhone.


Of German origin, this application allows us to buy the latest trends for women, men and child from 1500 quality brands from 15 European countries.But the best thing has is your visual search algorithm, since if we see a suit, set or garment that we like we just have to take a photo and the app will look for similar results in form, design and style, from formal garments for an eventUrban and outfit fashion gala for runners.

BeTech: noticias de tecnología 4 apps para comprar ropa barata por el móvil estas Rebajas

And the same if we are in a store, since we can use the app code reader of the app and that Zalando looks to see if online is cheaper.It is available on Android and for the iPhone.


Outlet online fashion and Lifestyle Nº1 in Spain, with the Privalia app we have the best brands with discounts of up to 70% that we can follow on the computer, tablet or mobile.The service offers daily offers and discounts on fashion brands for women, man and child, in addition to a section with furniture, decoration and electronics for the entire house. La app,It is available on Android and for the iPhone, nos permite comprar a través de ella y acceder gratis a las preventas y promociones especiales para la aplicación, con marcas como:

We have seen several apps here looking in Zara's catalogs, but nothing better than going to the source itself.One of the most outstanding companies of the Inditex group and with a world fame, with Zara's app on the mobile we can be up to date with all the news, trending trends and sales, in addition to the collections for the change of season and novelties in lookbook,People, campaign and other weekly content.

It is available for Android and iOS and if you buy products worth a stipulated amount, shipping costs will get free.

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