They fire a Arizona policeman who shot a man in a wheelchair in Tucson in Tucson

The Tucson Police Department, in Arizona, took measures on Tuesday to fire an officer after he shot nine shots that caused death to a man in a motorized wheelchair, who had been accused of stealing and taking out aKnife when they confronted him outside a walmart, authorities said.

A video posted by the Tucson Police Department showed the officer Ryan Remington several steps behind the man in the wheelchair, identified by the police as Richard Lee Richards, 61.The officer asked Richards to stop before firing nine rounds, that they wounded him on the back and on the side, while the man was heading to another store, according to the police.

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The video, with extremely violent images that can hurt people, can be seen here.

Despiden a un policía de Arizona que mató a tiros a un hombre en silla de ruedas en Tucson

A Remington lawyer said the video posted by the Police did not offer a complete image of the events that led to Monday shooting, according to CBS News.

Richards had been accused of stealing a Walmart toolbox when an employee communicated with a Tucson police officer who was out of service and was working on a special task in the store, according to a statement from the Tucson police chief, Chris Magnus.

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus condemned the shooting at a press conference on Tuesday after the body of the body chamber and surveillance images showed former police officer Ryan Remington firing Richard Lee Richards nine times.

"Its use of lethal force in this incident is a clear violation of the department's policy and directly contradicts multiple aspects of our use of strength and training," said Magnus.

Walmart surveillance images showed Remington and an employee slowly following Richards through a parking while Richards was in a mobility scooter.Police said an employee told Remington, that he was out of service and worked on store security, that Richards stole a toolbox.

Remington asked Richards with a receipt, but Richards wielded a knife and continued towards another store, according to Magnus.According to Walmart's employee, Richards said: "If you want me to leave the knife, you will have to shoot me," said Magnus.

Another officer arrived when Richards headed towards the entrance of a Lowe’s hardware store.In one of the videos, Remington is heard asking Richards to stop.

When Richards refused to stop, Remington opened fire and nine bullets reached Richards before he fell to the ground.The surveillance video shows Remington by putting wives to Richards just after the shooting.

“The agents gave medical attention, but a short time later the MR.Richards was declared dead, ”said Tucson Police Chief.

The mayor of Tucson, Regina Romero, described the shooting as "inconceivable and indefensible" in a statement released on Tuesday.The case is now being investigated by the Pima County Prosecutor's Office.

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