10 basics to entertain your pets while you are not at home

10 basics to entertain your pets while you are not at home

After spending the holidays with our furry friend we have to leave him again for many hours at home to go to work.Eight hours in a row can assume that our dog gets bored and ends up biting the sofa cushions, it may also be that a pipi escapes, that the cat is taught with the curtains, we are worried that they do not have enough food or water.

So that you can leave the quieter work, thinking that your pets have everything they need, from the vanguard buyer we have developed a list of very useful products.

Automatic feeders, cameras to have them monitored or very cool toys that will be entertained.Everything they and you can need to know that they are comfortable locked at home.

Automatic feeder

There is a wide variety of dog dining rooms.From the most basic stainless steel to electronic feeders.The latter allow you to program several meals a day to ensure that our pet ingests the necessary amount, even if we are away from home.

Our choice is this 6 -liter capacity model that allows you to store 2.5 kg of grain.The dispenser will provide your dog or cat up to 6 meals a day.In addition, you can choose the times when you want your pet coma.As if that were not enough, this feeder connects to the wifi and allows you to control it from your smartphone.

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Water dispenser

In addition to food, if you work many hours away from home, your dog or cat will need to have water.With this basic water dispenser you can leave 3.79 liters so that your pet has a constant supply.

In addition, its lateral handles cut along the base allow you to take it easily and non -slip rubber legs guarantee a safe placement.

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Drinker source

The flowing water is more attractive to pets, so they will drink much more water.So if you have a pet that must drink more, we recommend that you choose this model so you don't have to worry when you're not at home.

10 básicos para entretener a tus mascotas mientras no estás en casa

This Isyoung brand model has a recirculation mechanism that guarantees optimal water oxygenation.In addition, its triple action filtration with water softening characteristics guarantees a safer, clean and fresh drinking water to help say goodbye to water quality problems.

It has a capacity of 2.5 liters.

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Surveillance Camera

If you want to know at all times that your pet does at home, the best you can do is install a surveillance camera.You can choose a normal model, or you can opt for one specially designed for them.

This furbo brand camera is a full HD camera with night vision and connects to the wifi so you can control your hairy friend from the mobile from the office.It has a barking alert, bidirectional audio if at any time you need to reassure it with your voice and also stores sweets inside so you can reward your pet when you want it.

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After eight or more hours in a row without leaving home it is possible that your dog cannot endure anymore and make a pipi inside the house.To prevent the carpet or any other place from staining a soaking site.

These Amazon Basics brand wipes measure 56x56 cm, have a superbsorvent nucleus that converts the liquid into gel to the first contact.They are sold in 50, 100 or 150 units packs and you can choose between three measures.

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Toy kit

The dog toys theme is difficult to specify a single model.There will be dogs that need firm balls or ropes to bite intensely, others that need softer toys, others that need a more active game or others that prefer tranquility.

To make your dog at your disposal several options that have many hours entertaining, we propose this pack of toys where your hairy will find the most appropriate for your in need for your needy.

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Pet Intelligence Toys

In addition to the most traditional toys, you can also get an intelligence toy with rewards dispenser.These ingenious toys manage to entertain dogs for a long time and they strive to resolve it because they get their prize.

We propose this model of the Nina Ottoson brand that will force you to uncover, open and slide to get your rewards.

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Cat toy

A cat is a feline and as such retains its hunting instinct.So that you do not lose it and so that it remains active we can buy an intelligent toy like this of Tech Traders.

It consists of a round container with holes where there is a stuffed mouse inside.Your cat will try to catch the stuffed mouse while revolving and the carpet to scratch inside will help its claws.

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Cats scraper

Cats scratch any surface to sharpen their nails.If you do not have an accessory for this purpose they will use the sofa, a carpet or the curtains.

There are many different models and prices of scratches, but if you can afford it economically and by space, we recommend a skick tree.

We propose this tree model of the Amazon brand of more than a meter and a half high that includes five heights and many different spaces.In addition, the 4 posts are wrapped with rope that will satisfy the instinct of the scratch cats.

A whole activity center that will love your pet.

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Comfortable bed

The bed of our dog or cat must be large enough to fit the animal and must also have a cushion that is moderately firm.You can find them in many fabrics, colors and prints.

We propose this extra soft fur model as if it were a stuffed animal and that can be easily washed.It is available in three sizes so you can choose according to whether you have a cat or dog, or your dog's breed.The product is made with a high quality and interior cordurter micro -suede suede.

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*Updated prices on September 11, 2021

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