Zara Lanza Sustainable High Technology Collection

It may seem magic, but it's real.The Inditex World Distributor is producing a new sustainable collection of high -tech party dresses for its largest retail branch, the well -known Zara clothing stores, made with fabric from recycled carbon.

According to Triple Pundit, the new collection is a collaboration with the Lanzatech high -tech recycling company.

Recycled carbon enters the scene

Recycled carbon is beginning to emerge for industrial uses, but so far, the most common scope is fossil fuel extraction, where captured carbon is used to improve the production of oil wells.

That is not exactly a use of recycled carbon respecting the weather.A more useful approach that is being developed is to reduce emissions related to cement production.

Another emerging example is that of the agricultural sector, where crops in greenhouses can be stimulated with extra carbon captured from the outer air.

Zara lanza colección sustentable de alta tecnología

For the most part, this activity has been developed outside the public's view.The new sustainable collection of high carbon clothing recycling from Zara takes it from behind the curtain.

In 2013, Lanzatech obtained a subsidy of 4 million dollars from the United States Department of Energy, for a project within the framework of a new research initiative called Remote, to “reduce emissions using methanotrophic organisms for transport energy”.The initiative was intended to convert residual methane into new fuels and other chemicals.

The Technological University of Michigan was also associated with the project to evaluate the environmental impact.Louisiana State University contributed its experience in the modeling of bioreactors, and the City College of New York contributed to the reactor design work.

Recycled carbon market growth

The recycled carbon market could leave the egg or chicken phase, now that Zara's collaboration has demonstrated the potential for the demand.The offer side remains to be addressed, and Lanzatech seems to have it also in their hands.

Last week, the world manufacturer of Arceormittal steel announced an investment of 30 million dollars in Lanzatech, based on a collaboration for carbon recycling that began in 2015.

The project's carbon capture part is currently under construction at an Arceormittal plant in Gante (Belgium).With the incorporation of Lanzatech fermentation technology, Arceormittal provides that the plant produces 80 million liters of bioethanol a year, at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of the installation.