Valencia is the king of the most 'uncomfortable' schedules of Christmas

Valencia is the king of the most 'uncomfortable' schedules of Christmas

Valencia-Espanyol that is played this Friday, December 31 at 4:00 p.m. is loaded with the symbolism of the special Christmas schedules in which he has played the last years.Everyone has played at Christmas...But Valencia is the 'king' in these lides since they have assigned relatively uncomfortable schedules and days especially thinking about the fan.

It is a matter of a month, the league announced the schedules of day 19 that fell on the New Year's weekend, but pointed out this Valencia-Espanyol as the game advanced to the day and that had to play on the 31st, the one of New Years Eve.The only one of the ten clashes.Moreover, the remaining nine are not played on New Year's Day, but are postponed to January 2 and 3.

The only official voice on the Valencianist who talked about the matter was José Bordalás to denounce the situation and assured that the club was going to ask for the change of date.I was convinced that the official estate would access the change...but not.Water.He did not succeed.And they have had to swallow with that schedule.

The fact is that Valencia is always one of the 'chosen' for this type of event in recent years.The League has always turned to him.And call attention.These are Christmas schedule and dates with sometimes untimely schedules that Valencia has had to suffer, but its fans, but its fans.

This is how their most recent cases are listed:

December 31, 2016: Villarreal-Valencia.16:00 hours

El Valencia es el rey de los horarios más 'incómodos' de Navidad

The same as this year.Valencia had to play the derby that day and that controversial time.It was the first time that such an uncomfortable schedule was assigned.That kind of Boxing Day to the Spanish who was looking for the league.Well there that they were fond of supporting their team.Villarreal 1 Valencia 0.

January 6, 2017: Valencia-Granada.Copa del Rey.16:15 hours

Day assigned to the Cup and Valencia dispute to the Valencia again at a time, in full holiday of the Magi Day, at a time it is desired.To eat fast and go to the stadium.It generated a lot of controversy that schedule again.Valencia 4 Granada 0.

January 6, 2018.Valencia-Girona.16:15 hours

Again the League assigned that league day to dates and schedules 'almost' that incompatible with fans.ThatValencia-Girona played on Reyes de Reyes was again at the desktop.At 4:15 p.m. in Mestalla and with fans engulfing lunch on that holiday.Valencia 2 Girona 1.

January 5, 2019.Alavés-Valencia.16:15.In full ride

The League assigned the dispute of this league clash in full days of kings and coincided again with an 'incompatible' schedule with the day -to -day life of fans.TheAlavés-Valencia was played in the middle of the Kings ride.The game was played at 4:15 p.m..