They try to cover up the homicide of an elderly person in an asylum in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, Aug. 17, 2015.- The nursing home 'Para una vieja segura A.C.' is located at Cerro del Cubilete, number 256, Colonia Campestre Churubusco, in the Coyoacán delegation, in Mexico City.

Promoted on the internet, it offers seniors quality care in a friendly, warm, reliable and safe environment.

The person in charge, Blanca Flor Caporal, assures that she has trained personnel.

The monthly price for living in this place varies between 7,500 and 15,000 pesos.

‘I have this bedroom but these are shared by two, these are cheaper, they are at 7,500,’ said Blanca Flor Caporal.

Rafael Sandoval Rodríguez was impressed by the supposed benefits offered by the nursing home, 'For a safe old age'.

In mid-2013, he admitted his brother Miguel Ángel to receive specialized care, he suffered from schizophrenia, in the home they told him that they had trained personnel to care for him.

Months later, Rafael began to notice changes in his brother's behavior:

‘I see him very scared, very depressed, I see him beaten and he complains that he was beaten.'

Flor del Carmen Cisneros: 'And also they never let us talk alone with him because there were always two boys there who were watching and kind of frightened them.'

The employees of the 'Para una vieja segura' retirement home demanded extra food and clothing from Rafael for his brother:

'And I don't know what they did with what he was carrying, full grocery bags, they asked me for everything and I took everything he asked for so he would be better but no, I noticed that he didn't seem to eat anything.'

On February 14, 2014, Rafael received a call that would change his life:

Attempt to cover up homicide of elderly in nursing home of the DF

‘A certain flor corporal spoke to me first, she was the one who was taking care of him, she told me that my brother had died suddenly, I did not see the body, they had it in a separate room, a small closed room.’

The administrators and owners of the home, whose last name is Caporal, insisted to the family that they could not see the body.

Flor del Carmen Cisneros: 'We get closer to the bed and they tell us "they can't get too close because it's dislodging a lot of liquids, it could be dangerous."'

Without consulting the family, those in charge called a funeral home named Basurto to take care of all the paperwork.

‘The engineer has a funeral home and he is the one who has been in charge of many cases here; He begins to explain to us that the body cannot be watched over for the same situation,' added Flor del Carmen Cisneros.

There was a rush to cremate the body of Miguel Ángel Sandoval.

Rafael Sandoval Rodríguez: 'There was a certain urgency to do it, no, and I didn't suspect that it was one of those types of crimes against my brother.'

The next day, minutes before the cremation, the family demanded to see the body.

Rafael Sandoval Rodríguez: ‘My brother was beaten and then, that was really a murder; he was a victim of abuse.’

Cremation stopped.

Flor del Carmen Cisneros: ‘And we already talked to this man, the engineer Basurto, that he not leave because we are going to ask that this be investigated; Later when we looked for him, he had already disappeared.'

Given the presumption that it was a homicide, the relatives went to the public prosecutor's office to report the case.

One year and five months have passed since the death of Miguel Ángel Sandoval; the family claims that there has been no progress in the investigation.

Rafael Sandoval Rodríguez: ‘Nothing, nothing has happened. there has been no notice of the investigation.’

An autopsy revealed bruises and scratches on the body.

Felipe Takajashi Medina, general director of the Institute of Forensic Sciences: 'Ecchymoses are commonly known as bruises and abrasions are scratches; there were two at the level of the facial region, on the forearms, at the abdominal level and in the region of the left thigh.’

According to forensic studies, the injuries did not cause Michelangelo's death.

An acute pulmonary edema and a myocardial infarction, added Felipe Takajashi Medina.

For the family, a host of factors, among them, the mistreatment and poor nutrition that Miguel Ángel received in the home, influenced his death.

Regarding the relationship between the foreman family, owners of the nursing home, 'Para una vejez segura' and the Basurto funeral home, this is what he assures.

Rafael Sandoval Rodríguez: ‘It is definitely a mafia, it is a total collusion, the two understand each other perfectly; this one commits the crime, and this one erases it; they make their moves and the victim is always the family; they are enriched by pain.’

The owners of the house, 'For a safe old age', have changed addresses on several occasions.'

But, they continue to operate in houses they rent in the Campestre Churubusco neighborhood of Mexico City.

These images were obtained a few days ago, Blanca Flor Caporal operates one of the two nursing homes identified in the area:

'I have this one by myself from here I can move the lady, move her to another room or move her to the other house I have but, it's smaller -do you have another house?- yes, I'm managing this one for 15 thousand pesos the monthly payment -why?- because he would have his private bathroom, here I have several patients from other houses; I have one from here; I have others around here; In La Campestre there are many houses, but there are many clandestine.’

Here he is in charge of 15 older adults.

Flor del Carmen Cisneros: 'It is a very unsafe place and it is not suitable for caring for people, especially the elderly; On one occasion, an elderly woman did come up and she told me that they mistreated her a lot.'

The case of the death of Miguel Ángel Sandoval Rodríguez is not the only one in which the owners of this nursing home for the elderly are involved.

Two years earlier, Lucero Taboda Salinas denounced on social networks that her mother died under strange circumstances at the 'Residencia Mariana', another of the facilities operated by the foreman family, and that without her consent, they removed her body and They were cremated with the support of -you know who?- the owner of the Basurto funeral home.