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Licenses are one of the marketing resources that allow companies to extend the presence of their image with positive effects in some cases, although also controversial.

Among the brands that remind us of this positive effect that Walt Disney is located, a company that within the product consumption segment (where it encompasses retail and licenses), reported that it had income of 4.5 billion dollars in 2015.

But there are also the brands that lost value by resorting to licenses as a marketing strategy.An example of this happened to Pierre Cardin, who went from being the creator of the Ready to Wear, a concept that revolutionized the fashion industry, because it meant that the big garments, with quality and design could not only be seen in exclusive catwalks, nowThey could mass the stores anywhere in the world.He went from being the creator of this historical episode, to a brand that graduated from markets such as the Mexican, at shirts, ties, and low -price belts.

In the midst of these examples, a list prepared by License!Global discovered which brands with the highest number of retail sales at international level.

Estas son las marcas que lideran el mundo de las licencias comerciales - Revista Merca2.0 |

-Disney Consumer Products: 52.5,000 MDD.

-Meredith (Media Company): 20.1 thousand MDD.

-PVH CORP.(Owner of brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger): 18 thousand MDD.

-Iconix Brand Group (with brands like Umbro, Mossimo, Ecko Unltd): 13 thousand MDD.

-Warner Bros.Consumer Products: 6 thousand MDD.

-Hasbro: 5.09 thousand MDD.

-Sanrio: 5.9 thousand MDD.

-Major League Baseball: 5.5,000 MDD.

-Nickelodeon: 5.5,000 MDD.

-The Collegiate Licensing Company (EU collegial football brands): 4.65,000 MDD.

-NBC Universal: 4.5,000 MDD.

-Rainbow (youth brands): 4.3 thousand MDD.

-International Brand Management and Licensing (sportswear and interior brands): 4 thousand MDD.

-Shential Brands Group (with brands like Martha Stewart or Jessica Simpson): 4 thousand MDD.

-Westinghouse: 3.9 thousand MDD.

-General Motors: 3.5,000 MDD.

-Nation Football League: 3.5,000 MDD.

-DreamWorks Animation: 3.3 thousand MDD.

-National Basketball Association: 3.2 thousand MDD.

-Electrolux: 3.1 thousand MDD.