The wait is over: Here is the clothing collection inspired by Marcela, mother of Luis Mi

Alex Basteri, Luis Miguel's brother, presented some garments that are already on sale.
Friday 03 December 2021
Arturo Perea

Alejandro Basteri, younger brother of Luis Miguel, consolidated one of his biggest dreams by officially launching the clothing line dedicated to his mother , Marcela Basteri. Last January it was announced that the businessman was already preparing this project, but it was not until now that some designs can already be seen on the brand's social networks.The wait is over: Here is the clothing collection inspired by Marcela, Luis Mi's mother

It was through Instagram that Alex announced in style that he had already launched the Basteri Collection project, in addition, he took the opportunity to share the first glimpses of one of the brand's star designs; a white long-sleeved blouse, as well as another in silver.


"Elegance and good dressing", can be read in the description of one of the photographs. In another of its posts, the Basteri brand specified that the designs it currently promotes are "a limited edition tribute".

The wait is over: Here is the collection of clothing inspired by Marcela, Luis Mi's mother

"Finally! What a thrill, congratulations!", "Much success my heart", "Congratulations! With all the best light and energy", "Alex; I want the lady's blouse. All the success of the world God bless you so much!", "Huge congratulations and best of luck! Beautiful collection! I want everything!", "Congratulations! Great tribute! Success! Well deserved" and "Congratulations Alex on this journey in fashion. Success", were some of the comments he received.

Last January, in the Ventaneando program it was said that Basteri will include clothing designs for men and women thanks to the association that Alejandro had with some businessmen.

Luis Miguel's brother also made it clear that only through Basteri's website will customers be able to buy the designs. "It is the only authorized means to acquire the authentic products of the brand", it can be read in his most recent publication.


For Alejandro remembering his mother is of great importance, something he shared publicly and explained how much it means to him to be the son of a woman he remembers as a person full of qualities.

"My mother was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Everything I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her...", The businessman wrote on his social networks when celebrating one more birthday of his mother.

"You are and will be a woman with a great soul, a woman made of love," she added on that occasion, in which she also illustrated her words with a photograph showing the face of Marcela .

With the launch of Basteri, Alejandro fulfilled another important commitment, that of continuing to honor his mother in the most extraordinary way. "Many people pass through our lives, but only very few come to occupy a great place in our hearts," he wrote last May on the occasion of Mother's Day.

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