The reinvention of the leather jacket

If there is a garment that can be considered basic, timeless, versatile and, practically, eternal, it is a leather jacket.A jacket that settled in the youth style in the fifties, when actor Marlon Brando in the movie savages played a worker and biker who rebelled against society.

That jeans look, white shirt, leather boots and jacket was used two years later by James Dean in the rebel film without cause, and remained in history as the style of subversive teenagers, but also as an image that reflected thesocial equality and contributed power, glamor and emotion.

For years, the leather jacket was a typical garment of rock groups, but over time that distinction was diluted until a basic of men and women of all ages, classes and styles.

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The best known is the black jacket, but we have also seen its variants in white, red and coffee tones.However, a Mexican firm created by two women has decided to give this outfit a new life, making it a collection garment, a work of art that not only reflects the personality of those who use it but also the power it has to carry anylook at the next level.

Chull & Chulls, fundada por Florit Cohen y Jessica Maya una pedagoga y una administradora de empresas turísticas, es el resultado de una larga amistad y una pasión genuina por la moda.Their interest in the field of the skin and the proximity to the fighting industry through the Florit's family, led them to undertake in a brand that has become one of the preferred celebrities and influencers such as Michelle Torres, Inés Gómez Mont, Stephanie Salas, Chantal Trujillo, Yael Sandler and Yuya."From the beginning, our intention was to create a different product, of very good quality, that had nothing to envy an international brand and without having to bleed people to be able to access a garment like this," Jessica tells us Maya.

La reinvención de la chamarra de piel

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The jackets are made with sheep skin, and you can find from classic models to unique designs loaded with exquisite taste and a lot of creativity.There are garments in pastel tones, metallic, with patches, embroidery and steals and some hand intervened by artists and illustrators.Designs for women and men.But the firm's ability does not end here.

“As we do our garments from scratch and work with custom designs and in collaboration with the client, we also make other types of skin pieces, such as skirts, pants...We are open to everything.Our possibilities are endless, ”says Florit Cohen.And add the importance of accompanying the process of creating each garment from beginning to end, until you reach the end of the final customer.“For us, the relationship with the client is essential.Listen to what they like and what they need, whatever the size, the length of their arm or their torso...The important thing is that the result is expected.We are very accessible, ”commented both.The designers create exclusive pieces, limited editions of three or four pieces by model or broader collections throughout the 3 year.Every two months launch new models, so in their inventory there will always be news.The garments are available in Saks Fifth Avenue and J Boutique, on the Mexico Web and also communicating directly with them through their Instagram account @chullandchulls.

Take care of your jacket

"The older skin is made, the richer it is," says Florit;While Jessica says "don't even think about putting her into a washing machine".And although the skin is a noble material, it does not hurt to give certain care to last a long time. Las creadoras de Chull & Chulls recomiendan limpiarlas con unas toallitas húmedas o con un trapo húmedo con agua y pasarlo en las zonas que tienen alguna suciedad.If you have any difficult stain, take it to a specialized dry cleaner.Do not apply products based on oil, alcohol or oil because they damage textile.