Atlético de Madrid - Athletic Club |League: Atlético takes pleasure to the tables - LaLiga Santander

El partido se convirtió en tremendo guirigay desde la roja a Joao Félix. El portugués se empeñó en que una falta a favor fuera una expulsión en contra, con Vencedor haciendo honor a su apellido y con Gil Manzano absolutamente loco por la música, de modo que el Atlético tuvo que buscar la victoria que se le niega en casa con uno menos en el tramo final. Anduvo casi más cerca de la derrota, claro, porque aún lamentó el Athletic la ocasión clarísima que marró Villalibre sobre la bocina. Tercer partido en casa, tercer empate consecutivo del campeón. Los dos últimos, sin goles. El encuentro murió cuando Oblak había encontrado en largo a Carrasco para un posible mano a mano. El del silbato es así.Atlético de Madrid - Athletic Club | Liga: El Atlético coge gusto a las tablas - LaLiga Santander Atlético de Madrid - Athletic Club | Liga: El Atlético coge gusto a las tablas - LaLiga Santander

It is recorded that Atlético is dry without koke and without lemar.Regarding the captain, it is already known: it may not be noticed if it is, it always shows if it is not.Regarding the Frenchman, more of the same: the team is thanking its ability to unbalance, pray with dribbles, pray with game change.The Kondogbia broom and the peak and Pala de Paul were estimated, yes, but they did not serve to generate what the absent would have generated.The glue was left: that the goal came before the game, because football has those things.There was no case.So he had to row against the current.

Champions's game had left injuries and Simeone tried to cauter them with up to six novelties in alignment.Before the minute, Griezmann warned in play that already showed the usual route that would insist by the rojiblanco team: Trippier and Llorente are almost always always spoiled, but that society spoils the low percentage of balls that from it arrives in the area with an advantage for advantageThe tips.On the other hand there was no Carrasco that was worth exit, in addition, so Marcelino worked in that his people closed the one that seemed the unique alternative of the champion.

Atlético de Madrid - Athletic Club | Liga: El Atlético coge gusto a las tablas - LaLiga Santander

Indeed Athletic was tempering the game until the game was rewarded.That did not give him to generate danger, in fact the two sets similar to an occasion that he had were invalidated, for fouling a header from Raúl García at the exit of a corner, out of play a against Williams, but to avoid theof the rival.Correa always had a dribbling and Griezmann is still self -conscious in the meantime, so the party would lead to Plan B of Cholo.In Cornellà it went well, but it doesn't always work out.

Not a second of extension, by the way, Gil Manzano granted in a first act that had eternalized every interruption.Or it is wrong about going unnoticed or there is a manifest inability to see football in a person who makes that decision after each fault or every corner kick involves a minute of the game stopped.There is an obvious theft of the show without the need for this to benefit or harm each...And of course a disparity of criteria regarding what other colleagues do.Then, then I would add six.Just missing...

The resumption was glowing, but both Correa and Williams failed his, header after Lodi service in the case of the first, hand in hand after leaving Giménez with the mold in the second.Definitely fond of triple change, Simeone envied with Herrera, Carrasco and Suárez del Tirón.

Before Marcelino changed to his two points, in fact, Joao Félix's local coach still threw.Regarding those who entered refreshment, the Belgian is exhibiting an absolutely individualistic version this season and the Uruguayan was again willing to anything except a race.Then Llorente splintered the stick, and there and especially in Joao any local triumph option died.Tables, in short.The tables that marks the result, the tables that lacked the Portuguese.