Webinar: Advantages of Hotel Digitization, Quohotel Your best ally

This webinar of CEI Europe aims to answer the question: What benefits and what advantages does digitalization provide to hotel businesses?One of the objectives is to understand and familiarize hotel entrepreneurs the benefits it contributes to bet on management software for hotels such as Quohotel.

To do this, they will show real cases and usual situations and how Quohotel solves them and optimizes efficiently.In addition, there will be a paper by José Guillermo Díaz Montañés, CEO of the Hotel Chain Artiem, who will explain first hand as Quohotel has helped him in the entire transformation process.

In this webinar you will learn:

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Webinar: Ventajas de la digitalización hotelera, QuoHotel tu mejor aliado

How to participate in the Web Seminar

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If you cannot attend the seminar or if you want.