The Informal Nation in the country is a serious problem affecting supermarkets

The Informal Nation in the country is a serious problem affecting supermarkets

Given the range of offers for year-end festivities, the circulation of money for salary and bonus collection, in addition to the entry of contraband products, a guild that nucleates wholesalers and retailers also has an interesting initiative for consumers.

This is the Chamber of wholesalers and retailers of Paraguay (Comammar), which launched an attractive offer plan, as also established by the large supermarkets in alliance with the Government, since illegal trade greatly affects established formal businesses. "the truth affects us too much; in fact, informality in Paraguay is a very big problem and most supermarkets are affected because it is difficult to compete with products that are offered at very low prices, and that is why we saw the way to lower the margins and reach the sales targets," Raúl Grunce, of the Comammar, told 1080 AM.

The camera, faced with the imminent consumption of contraband products, launched the campaign with the premise of joining the offers of the basic basket in 20 key products that will benefit the economy of the families. The list of products includes sugar, weed, rice, noodle, ground biscuit, flour, which are bulk products, about 8 out of the 20 selected. Also included in the offers are chicken thighs, breast, pancho, purina, second carnace, Paraguay cheese, canned peach, corn and peas in can, tomato extract, mayonnaise, ketchup and soy sauce. The advantage of these offers is also that they can be purchased individually, it does not need to be wholesale, as discounts are already included in the sales price, he explained.

La Nación Informalidad en el país es un grave problema que afecta a supermercados

The offer started on Saturday, December 18 and will run until December 31. The shops are San Cayetano Comercial, Comercial El Cacique, Comercial Virgen del Rosario, Casa Grütter, supermarket Guarani, Comercial Rubencito, La Economía Comercial, Comercial Comercial, Comercial Abasto, Supermás, Comercial Deisy, Comercial Torito, SC wholesalista y Comercial Baby.