The leggins, that garment that does not go out of style |The mail

The leggins, that garment that does not go out of style |The mail

Isabel Ibáñez

From time to time we read predictions on the end of the leggins, at least on that catwalk that are the streets of towns and cities, because the gym is or should be something else and although this is a garment born to facilitate the movements to the movements to the movements to the to do physical exercise.But these feet-free leotards, impertérritos, are still successful more than a century after a French acrobat called Jules Leotard (1838-1870) devised a garment tight to the body so that their movements in the trapeze would be more comfortable, according to Juan Gutiérrez, conservative of the Madrid suit museum.

"And also with her," he adds - caused authentic fury among the spectators ".It refers to the sexual appeal that they discovered by glimposing the shape of their fornid legs sausages in those wool knitted pants, which today, evolved, continue to fall in love especially to women, surrendered to their charms.

This is a clothing that has taken a “super strong impulse - explains Gutiérrez - and that counts among his background with the Pantys of the 50s and the strength that Mary Quant (London, 1934) gave them in the 60s thanks to the miniskirt,that promoted that fashion of the leg and tight leg that has no longer abandoned us ".Remember also the expert who was the Italian designer Emilio Pucci (1914-1992), very ski fond of skiing, who began to design from the sports practice clothing for this discipline: «And we went from how the skiers, mountaineers dresses,, to use these more practical designs that finally arrive in the industry, after Pucci did textile research to achieve easy -to -transport garments and not wrinkled, that they did not require iron, simple to put and remove ".In collaboration with Italian industrialists, he began working with mixtures of synthetic fibers to achieve elasticity.«And these creations began to take out in the collections of the 60s, although they were still shoes, because they had foot, although then eliminated.Here in the museum we have a 1964 specimen inspired precisely in the shields of the Renaissance, which were taken with an overfrald.And if leggins are not properly they are the precedent, always combined still with pieces that cover the body, jackets, etc....".

With the back 'in the air'

On the other hand, in the 70s in the US, Donna Karan (New York, 1948) begins to make designs with this leg style defined in elastane, and it is to Parfir of the 80s when we begin to see the leggins themselves. Aclara Gutiérrez que fue ya en los 90 cuando dejan de combinarse con cuerpos largos o blusas con cinturón «y se descubre el trasero, tal como se hace en el presente".He points out that today this garment has been installed “daily among us;It is 'mainstream' on both the street and in the gym, more and more sport, very comfortable, comfortable, aesthetic and easy.It has a lot to do with the silhouette that was imposed in the twentieth century, with defined legs and more loose body. Y no hay que olvidar que tiene poca durabilidad, se estropea fácilmente, lo cual lo hace muy interesante en cuanto a su salida comercial para la industria".

Los leggins, esa prenda que no pasa de moda | El Correo

Can they be elegant?Yes and no, Gutiérrez 'A La Gallega' responds.«They can be cover of 'Vogue' with Beyoncé or go to those we have in the museum, some embroidery with sequins, or Pucci prints.So, although the current use of leggins is not that of the elegant world, it depends on how you combine them. Son un básico como una camiseta, y los hay baratos o de 500 euros". Recuerda que se puede jugar con ellos de muchas maneras: «Y es sintomático de la forma de vestir actual, fruto de la conquista del confort y la ruptura de códigos de decoro sexual, de que no pasa nada por enseñar esa parte de nuestros cuerpos".

Sonia Alfaro, one of those responsible for Cazcarra Image Group - experience in personal image - considers that the leggins "in all its variants, from the most 'Sporty' to the most 'classy', remain, since their boom in the years80, a garment that we find in almost all the world's cabinets in the world.In fact, women's lifestyle in 2021 has been reflected in their look. No solo el teletrabajo nos ha traído una estética más casual, sino que los looks 'sporty chic' que vemos en las redes sociales y que lucen las celebridades a nivel nacional e internacional son tendencia desde hace unos años".

Pese a que, de vez en cuando, los que dictan las modas tratan de eliminarlos de la lista de prendas 'aconsejables' o incluso desterrarlos para siempre en favor de otras propuestas, Alfaro cree que no deberían merecer «un tachón en el libro de la moda".«There are multiple ways of dressing and different types of fabrics, shapes and colors. Y además de la comodidad, su versatilidad para combinarlos con otras prendas y complementos les auguran un largo futuro en la industria de la moda".

In his opinion, which determines that it is a garment «'in' or not, is the style of each one to take them and the adaptation of the garment to the trends of the moment.Now we see that the leggins return with stirrup and we find others with openings in the pernera and even camping. Los deportivos ganan por goleada en cuanto al lugar que ocupan en los roperos y se han convertido en una prenda más que combinamos con el top para hacer yoga o pilates y, por qué no, subir un 'selfie' en las redes sociales".