The confessions of musical producer Javier Limón: "Eurovision is horrible"

The confessions of musical producer Javier Limón: "Eurovision is horrible"

Javier Limón (Madrid, 1973) is the laugh with legs, and a look at his mobile while looking for a photo to check that there is material for several novels."Put on the headline that I am the Villarejo de la Música, that I liked the nickname!".Limón has composed and produced music for artists such as Paco de Lucía, Caetano Velos.He has composed and recorded four albums, he is the author of several soundtracks and has ten Grammy awards.All that has managed to order and capture it in a book, 'Limón.Memories of a musical producer '(debate), which occurs this Wednesday at the Madrid Athenaeum.

Limón began agricultural engineering, worked as a financial in Mapfre and talks about everything and almost all.Without filters.“If we talk about rhythm, the reggaeton was already in Africa 500 years ago.If we talk about a little sexist letters and not very good, it is the bad music that has always been there.‘Mommy what does black have’, there is no beach here, what.Opá, I'm going to make a pen, I have a yellow tractor.What do we think?There have always been songs to have a drink and have a good time.I guess at three in the morning, after 80 tequilas, the ‘Despacito’ enters well.You may like York ham more than the Iberian, but you know which is the best, because it has unquestionable qualities ”.

It is a whirlwind that will accelerate after the two alone coffees that is taken during the interview.Then he will eat and will face another journalist.He comes from taking a walk with his mother or rather going behind given the speed with which he walks."It's like Forrest Gump but on Huelva," he says of her.

Question: What does one need to be a good producer, whip or left hand?

Answer: With respect to artists there is an unquestionable mathematical equation: the bigger, more humble.It is something that has always been fulfilled.And I do not mean being famous or rich, I mean really, in essence, as a human being and as an artist.They are the most aware of the amount of things that do not know.

The producer has to be an architect who must ensure that technologically the house does not fall, that something sounds good and is well recorded.On the other hand you must guarantee that this house is beautiful, which is a good album that artistically has value.And of course, you must comply with the budget.I can't put the gold walls or that Stevie Wonder comes to do the choirs because I don't have money to pay it.

The producer is an architect who must ensure that technologically the house does not fall

Q: When your name appears, the big names that have accompanied are always mentioned.Enrique Morente, Paco de Lucía, Alejandro Sanz, Andrés Calamaro ... Who would have liked to produce and could not be?

A: Many.If we talk about dead, shrimp.Alive?Manolo Sanlúcar, whom I don't know personally.American I would love to produce D’Angelo, Billie Eilish, Anderson Paak and Avishai Cohen.Spanish to Zahara, Anni B Sweet and Jorge Drexler.More obvious?A C Tangana, Nathy Peluso and Rosalia.

Q: Why this book?

A: I think I have done it because there has been a very resounding turning point in my life.Until now I was a lone artisan, but my two children are already beginning to help me.The eldest has made the arrangements of Alejandro Sanz's last album and the little one, although he is only 15 years old, he's already there.This is already a family business.And the other reason for this book is that I was before the young man of the gang, with Paco, Morente, Sabina, Serrat, I drink and now I am the eldest of all of all.I needed to order that change, everything that has happened in these years.

Q: When I received the book information the first thing I thought is how you can write some memories being so young ...

Las confesiones del productor musical Javier Limón:

A: Of course!(smile)

Q:… And if it does not produce a certain fedness that seems that your professional life is limited to a succession of great anecdotes with great artists.As if there was no gray work, tedio ...

A: I always tell my son that he will not know anyone who works more than me or anyone who has a better time.On Sunday I curricated as an animal: I did four video clips, I mixed an entire Argentine tango album and I wrote two letters.Then I drank a bottle of whole tequila and I saw how Tom Brady losing again in the quarterfinals in the American Football League with 45 years.You can work hard and enjoy a lot.There may be some feeling that I am always horny, but the truth is that it is true.

I tell my son that he will not know anyone who works more than me or anyone who has a better time

Q: If he says he works every day of the year, how are those around him?You are a son, father, partner, friend ... she said on one occasion that the first time she had dinner with her eldest son she was 11 years old.

A: That son turns 20 on February 5 and that day I will not be able to be with him, but for ten years I always have dinner at my house and pick up the kitchen.And I work it, huh? That sometimes I start to chop the onion at ten in the morning.It is true that in childhood I have been little present, but in adolescence I am a lot, more than normal.

Q: Just when they would have wanted to be ...

A: Without a doubt.I've been with my wife for 30 years and I think we've been a lot to make this a beautiful family.Years ago we decided to move the four to Boston and that requires some confidence in the project we have.But look, I remember that newcomers to the US, as had never been so long at home, after two months came Eva and gave me 1.000 dollars, a plane ticket and a hotel reservation in New York.I asked him: “But I have a concert, interview?That I have forgotten ".And he told me: "No, but go that I can't see your face anymore".(Laugh).

Q: He studied to become an agricultural engineer, although he quickly abandoned that ...

A: Yes, yes, and I already tell you that Alberto Garzón is right.I give you three data: the pigs have two meters of cubicle to live, the chicks have 55 days since they are born until they reach the market, focused directly with a light so that they do not sleep and continue eating and fattening, and cattle, beforeIf sacrificed, he is injected twice his weight in intramuscular water to have more kilos of meat.That was the official agenda of the Polytechnic University when I studied.Another thing is that we can be fed without doing that, I don't get there anymore.But that the minister is right when he says that in some farms the animals suffer a lot, I already tell you that yes.But I could have been an engineer as a Jesuit.

Q: In fact I wanted to be a potato.There, picando high.

A: Yes, yes.I wanted to study theology and philosophy in Seville.But I studied agricultural engineering because I was lazy to register, my mother did for me and put the preferences in alphabetical order.In aeronautics I did not give me the note and the next agricultural era, where I entered.There was all my vocation.I was there for a while because I was always good to study, but music was a necessity.

Q: Being a festive person, how is it possible to choose the oboe, with how triston he is?

When I was in seventh of EGB, I wanted.I went with my mother to the cinema that was in the opera square, because the conservatory was at the Teatro Real, and we saw ‘Amadeus’, where there is a scene with an oboe.It was also the era of ‘the mission’, and it is the instrument that Jeremy Irons plays in a cataract.Of course, between one movie and another, I was clear.It is one of the most beautiful sounds that exist, like the whole family of wood, but they are instruments created for the Baroque, very complex, without current repertoire.In jazz, for example, there are no oboists.You do not take an oboe to a bar.

There is no industry more sanitized by digitalization than music.Is the number one content

Q: Let's talk about things that have had an impact on the music industry, such as digitalization.You decide whether it has been good or bad ...

A: Good, wonderful.In the 2000 there was a brutal crisis in music with everyone losing money because piracy had arrived.Today does not exist and nobody has stopped to analyze it.The industry realized that there was a much stronger business that was anticipated twenty years before: the video game.If you got the ‘Clash of Clans’ pirate, you were left without treasures, so no one could risk.

There is no industry more sanitized by digitalization than music.Is the number one content.It is heard more than ever and everywhere.It was also said that television music did not interest and there are Nina Simone's documentaries, George Harrison and Whitney Houston.Pussy, it turns out that people like ham, which is not idiot!

Q: When there was piracy there was also a lot of talk about copyright.

A: I think they are a fundamental right that cost a lot to get.And there are two types of countries: Germany Canada, France, Sweden, where they are very protected;and Zimbabwe, Russia, where they are not so much.We have to decide which we want to look.I prefer to play in the first league.It is that intellectual property sounds very good!I have always made great ones who ask for music to be free.As if the modem, the computer or the operator did not pay it.

Q: Do you like singers on television?

A: I don't like the voice, no triumph or Eurovision Operation.Nor that they compete to see who makes it better neither the musical styles that come out there.These days there is a controversy because a girl (Luna Ki) does not let her use Auto-Tune to go to Eurovision.But leave the girl to take it!What else will give, if everything about Eurovision is horrible!If we have taken Chikilicuatre!Not to mention that the musical range of that festival is tiny.You could change the country songs and give the same.Except for the language or that they put a Balalaika to sound more authentic in Russia, for example.It is all commercial pop to walk around.Or a ballad or ‘Europe is living a celebration’, has balls.

Eurovision's musical range is tiny.You could change the country songs and give the same

Q: Boston left to exercise teaching.How is it given?

A: In case we deviate to that matter, I think that analyzing the United States is a very delicate matter.It's like saying that in Europe you eat well and dresses badly.

There are several ways to divide the country: the coasts and the center, because they have nothing to do with Bosto "n with Nebraska; the Latin world and the Anglo.I live in a very democratic city, in a Town that is Brookline, where Kennedy studied, very progressive, which has the first public pool that was made in the United States, so I am not representative of anything.

I went to the United States to present the Honoris Causa concert of Paco de Lucía, they offered me to be visiting artist for a year, I ended up two, I asked the Green Card and I stayed.More than the United States, I like Boston.It is a city that has re -educated me in many aspects.I could not live in Miami or Los Angeles.

Q: What feeling causes you to get out of your ecosystem and read the news?

A: It is clear that democracy has failures, but there is no other alternative.We have to do our best we can with what we have.I have never met anyone who has voted for Donald Trump, but it was also said that it was going to be the hecatombe, that if the wall ... And where is the wall?In addition, they have thrown him at age four.I would have liked him to be president Elisabeth Warren, or Michelle Obama, but she doesn't want to.From the United States I am more concerned about machismo than racism.

Q: Let's go back to music.Have an artist ever touched his door and told him not?

A: Yes, but I can't tell you who it is.

Q: Man or woman?

A: Man.Very important, it's top five ever, and it's still alive.I tell you as soon as you turn off the recorder.

Q: You have worked with Alejandro Sanz, my idol since 1991.

A: Do you want me to tell you?

Q: No, but tell me it is as nice as it sounds in my head.

A: Mosty, he is a very good person.He has been there for 30 years, he continues to gather 40.000 people in a concert, helps a lot of people without saying it and what you like most is to eat ham.

Q: Now I do turn off the recorder.