Alejandro Santamaría presents his most recent success "He left"

Alejandro Santamaría presents his most recent success "He left"

Just as the happiest moments of life have an end, so they have love relationships either because that affection was over that at some point wrapped them as a couple or because the other person no longer wanted.That feeling of pain and farewell, the Colombian singer Alejandro Santamaría knew how to capture very well in his new song, which speaks precisely when love ends in a relationship and there is no reversal.

Together with the artists Ovy on the Drums, Adso and Keityn who has been the mind behind some successes such as Tusa de Karol G, Hawaii de Maluma and what else then?From J Balvin and María Becerra, Alejandro takes up the beats combined with urban pop to give that touch of versatility and movement to the letter.

“Es una canción que trata de cuando el amor se va y tenemos que decirle a la persona con la que estamos que lastimosamente ya se fue el amor y hasta aquí fue la relación”, dijo en entrevista con 24 HORAS, Alejandro Santamaría.

Fortunately from the singer, the inspiration to compose the letter of this musical theme that currently has more than 4 million views on YouTube, had no name or last name.

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“I did not inspire anyone to compose the song was a more hypothetical case that happens in life, I think it has happened to us all and it is a simple for the singing ones that are going through a bad time in love or asWe say in Colombia for 'La Tusa, ”he explained.

Just as he composed his part, the artists Adso and Ovy also did it in their lyric that is a little more moved than Alejandro's, without getting out of the idea about telling the end of a relationship because it did not work.

“I don't know why do you waste time with me baby? I have been telling you for a long time, that love left, that it died, that the thing about us did not work, it is not my fault if you were excited, from the beginning I was clear thatDo not make him weird if I get away, ”Alejandro sings throughout his new single.

That chemistry with his friends was embodied in the music video recorded in the city of Medellín, where singers over 3 minutes and several seconds, develop what is the day to day of their work, including the love they have with his fans.

"The truth was easy to work with them, both are very humble and things can be easy, how to discuss any creative topic, so fortunately we could work very well and we are all friends," added the interpreter of how are you?

In addition, in the video directed by Katherine Díaz and the producer 2 Wolves Films, the artists use special costumes with a green screen behind acting as if they were in an action movie.

“Kath proposed the theme and my manager Roberto Andrade also inspired and proposed that idea of the action movies that was a goal.In addition, in the recording there was very good energy, everyone had the willingness to work, we laughed a lot and we had a great time, ”concluded Alejandro Santamaría.

The artist was nominated in the Latin Music Awards 2021 in the Revelation Artist of the Year category and already adds several nominations ratifying the ascent that has been developing his musical career.

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