The Cecon Nation advances with schedule to start producing cement in the second semester

The Cecon Nation advances with schedule to start producing cement in the second semester

Until the district of San Lázaro, in Concepción, the president of the CartesOther business units.

On the point, the general manager of the Cementera, Jorge Méndez, mentioned that they made a tour of the facilities to internalize the progress of the works, already with a view to the implementation of the production itself of cement, which would bespecifying the second semester of this year.

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"We take a tour to show how we are continuing with the established schedule, without setbacks, and, if the climatic conditions allow it, we believe that the cement company would already begin to produce between September or October, specifically in the second semester," he said.

In this regard, he explained that the cement plant is currently with a 50% advance in construction, within which civil works have already culminated practically, it is 92%, in terms of concreting with 95.000 cubid meters and only the assembly of equipment with more than 5 would be missing.500 tons and the electrical part that are already moving.

More business units

La Nación Cecon avanza con cronograma para empezar a producir cemento en el segundo semestre

And taking into account that the project also includes other business units such as the Cecon port of 150 for 130 meters, with two cranes and a 3 download capacity of 3.000 tons, which is already finished and operational, as well as the electrical substation that is also ready, planned to start operating since March this year.

Another of the units is the agricultural lime plant, which has already been operational for a year at the same industrial plant, as well as the concrete one in the city of Clean, in the central department, attending and leading the marketof reinforced concrete.

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Thus, the entire conglomerate of activities is generally found with a 70%advance, while cement production would occur in a few more months, for the supply of the domestic market, in principle, so export is not ruled outas the general manager of Cecon indicated.

In that sense, Méndez remarked that to achieve this objective, we would be requiring the hiring of more personnel from March, as they currently operate between 1.000 to 1.200 personal, which would even arrive at 1.500 workers in labor, said.