Santiago Cruz invited to buy and support the brands of Ibagué

Santiago Cruz invited to buy and support the brands of Ibagué

Through his Twitter account, the renowned Ibaguereño singer Santiago Cruz, sent a message of sense of belonging to the land that saw him born and grow.

The artist took as a reference the clothing brand shirts and monarch pants, one of the Ibaguereñas companies with more tradition.

"I until a couple of years ago did not know the Balenciaga brand and now everyone sings (...) Of pure rabón, and as a proud Ibaguereño, I will start singing to shirts and monarch pants "wears Colombia from Ibagué".Pride of my land, fuck! ".

And, in recent times it became common for singers to include in the lyrics of their songs, the names of clothing brands.

Santiago Cruz invitó a comprar y apoyar las marcas de Ibagué

The message of 'Santi' Cruz was so emotional, that the brand shirts and monarch pants created its official Twitter account, to answer the artist.

"We were not on Twitter, but" there are days like today "that we felt" butterflies in the belly "when we realize that a Cruz Cruz pride, which sings to Colombia from Ibagué, speaks like that of shirts and monarch pants," said thecompany.

Santiago's message is clear.In full economic reactivation after the coronavirus pandemic, the invitation is to support local ventures and entrepreneurs, consuming and recalling their products or services.

With this initiative, Santiago Cruz, once again demonstrates his enormous love for the land that saw him born.