The logos take over the most vibrant prints this season

Los logos de nuestras marcas favoritas se imprimen sobre las prendas estrella y nos acompañarán en todo tipo de ocasiones.

By Valentina ColladoLos logos se apoderan de los estampados más vibrantes esta temporada Los logos se apoderan de los estampados más vibrantes esta temporada

The most recognized fashion house logos in the world have become a Stoet style statement, positioning and elegance in all parts of the world.After several seasons conquering catwalks, this spring/summer 2021 season, the logos return reinterpreted with vibrant colors and new designs.Although these continue to refer to the years of history of each of the brands, they adapt to the modernity of today in the hands of the creativity of the most recognized creative directors of the moment.

The fashion versatility has taken us by the hand from minimalist trends, to daring fashion proposals that make us imagine and dream about everything we can create and express through our outfits.

The logos have been part of the permanent collections of several of the firms such as Louis Vuitton and Fendi for several years, while other brands include them in their collections from time to time.Using the logos of our favorite houses make us part of the message they seek to convey with their creations.

Los logos se apoderan de los estampados más vibrantes esta temporada

From fashion icons to celebrities, this trend has become one of the favorites for casual or formal outfits, depending on how you use the pieces.

The last decade has been characterized by being full of daring prints that have gradually seized our cabinets, becoming one of our favorite trends.We tell you the best tips so you can take the logos as chic as possible.

Use one piece

Although the logos print is one of the most modern, the best way to carry the trend is to choose a single piece of the outfit in this way.This will help care for the oversaturation of elements in an outfit.

Detail in accessories

If you are a more discreet person or you like to pay special attention to details, use accessories with the discreetly stamped logo can be your best option.Brands like Chanel, Fendi and Gucci propose socks, gloves, scarves and hair accessories that their logos have in beautiful ways.

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Color accents

Puedes combinar los distintos tonos que incluyen piezas como las de Dior o Dolce & Gabanna con piezas en el mismo color para crear un juego divertido de combinaciones.Dare to give your outfits a fun touch, to be the center of attention to wherever you go.

Bags and shoes

Another incredible way to use this trend is to invest in bags and shoes that have the logo of your favorite brand, invest in this type of pieces ensures that you can use them for many more seasons without going out of fashion.