Ducati does not rest: Gigi Dall'igna's new ingenuity for MotoGP motorcycle is an escape that they have tried in Jerez

Ducati does not rest: Gigi Dall'igna's new ingenuity for MotoGP motorcycle is an escape that they have tried in Jerez

Ducati is over MotoGP's 20th season, clearly having the best motorcycle in the grill, but they will not stop there.In the postseason test that is being held these days in Jerez they have already begun to prove the new mills of the inexhaustible mind of Gigi Dall'igna.And for now they work.

Ducati is testing a striking complementary side exhaust pipe.It is a concept that we had already seen in other brands, and they all discarded it, but it seems that Ducati is now looking for what can be taken out of this idea.The first comments of the pilots are not negative.

Ducati also premiered an air input more similar to Yamaha's

The Burgo Panigale brand has taken three units of the new Ducati Desmmosedici GP22 to Jerez.Two of them are taking the official pilots, Jack Miller and Pecco Bagnaia, while the third is sharing by Pramac Racing, Jorge Martín and Johann Zarco's pilots.There are four of the five, along with Luca Marini, who will take her in 2022.

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It seems, because of the little that has been known about this lateral escape, it is an experimental piece with which Dall'igna intends to better understand the behavior of the motorcycle, and discover if he can contribute something as to stay in it face to the season.It simply consists of lengthening the second escape until it puts it almost at the same height as the main.

Ducati no descansa: el nuevo ingenio de Gigi Dall'Igna para la moto de MotoGP es un escape que han probado en Jerez

This escape concept had already tried it in both Suzuki and Yamaha, the two brands that use four -cylinder online engines.In fact, Yamaha's became quite viral because of the particular form of trumpet that the gadget had.But both brands ended up discarding it.

"The problem has been the wind, it seems that on Friday the situation will be similar, it is not easy to understand what you should do, because sometimes you enter the curve in a way and a return later you have to do it otherwise it is not easy.But I think we have generally done a great job today, "said Bagnaia.

In addition, Ducati has also tried a redesign of the frontal Airbox, which irremediably remembers Yamaha.The air entrance resembles that of the pilot champion motorcycle, a path similar to the one that Honda has also taken with its new Honda RC213V, which they already tested in the Misano tests and with which they led here in Jerez.

Ducati's times were not bad, since Zarco finished second to only 43 thousandths from Takaki Nakagami, Enea Bastianini was third and Pecco Bagnaia finished fourth.OR FUNS This new escape concept, gives the feeling that Ducati will be very difficult to beat in the next MotoGP season.

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