Amaro Sánchez de Moya reveals its essentials

Amaro Sánchez de Moya reveals its essentials

The environments of the Andalusian interior designer, like their style, are classic, renewed and functional.Among his projects are hotels, such as the Triana House in Seville, or the designer Jorge Vázquez's store in the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca.If he could, he would hang a picture of the Bolognese painter Guido Reni in his living room.

The elegance for me is to know how to act and choose accordingly at all times;And good taste is knowing how to combine those elections with art.For both there may be some innate predisposition but, without a doubt, the two are polished with education.

I like to stay fit.I usually run with my friend Raúl Romero twice a week.And at least three times I train in the gym.I always wear the sneakers in the suitcase just in case.I'm faithful to Nike's.

My personal style is classic, timeless and discreet.I do not like to get attention and try to flee from garments that are extravagant.Although it does not mean that I once risk with something more groundbreaking.My reference brands are hacktt, dockers, lacoste, lester, veja and etro.I love vintage ties, ancient models with amoebas or geometric designs that can be the most current.

The last whim that I have given have been some pieces of porcelain dishes of Vista Alegre.I love the makeup and I am a compulsive buyer of things for the table.

Amaro Sánchez de Moya desvela sus imprescindibles

A gift that has recently received a perfume from Serge Lutensy some sopabelus slippers that I love.

COLLECTION twins, from some inherited to other jewel or marketing type of the 70s. My favorites are those of Murano crystal.

The work of art that would hang in my living room would be a painting by Guido Reni and if I could allow me, some French classicist, such as Nicolas Poussin, Claudio de Lorena or Simon Vouet.And to dream, a channel!

The books that rest on my bedside table are: L'Histoire of the Polytesse of Frédéric Rouvillois;l'Enutile Beauté de Maupassant;Mon Séjour in Espagne de Giacomo Casanova, and to the Serras de Eça de Queirós.

I really enjoy the opera, I am a great melomaniac, whether live or listen to it at home with the libretto.I have seen all those that have issued in streaming the Metropolitan in New York and Covent Garden in London during confinement.

In my playlist always sounds Bach, Mozart and Wagner.And now I started listening to ballet music.To set the lusophone: Caetano Veloso, Maysa Matarazzo, Caesarea Évora ... but also Nina Simone, Rita Pavone or Édith Piaf.

My beauty routine is to wash with Kiehl's soap and use heliocare sun cream, 90 protection. The sun is what ages the skin the most.And for the hair I like Potion 9 of Sebastian, to keep the gray hair in place.

I am addicted to the tablet, always iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.And now I can't pass without the Airpods, which I also use to work and have greatly facilitated life.

My luggage is always the same.I do it in 15 minutes: jeans and Chinese, white shirt and another striped, bag, American and sportswear.The rest is wearing it.

A hotel to get lost is Triana House, regardless of the Sevillian tourist route.And I always return to Bussaco Palace, which was the hunting pavilion of the kings of Portugal.I am fascinated by the charm of decline.

My reference restaurants in Madrid are La Parra and Horcher, where I celebrate any important occasion.I adore his classic Baumkuchen dessert.