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According to the City Council website, Tudela has 35429 inhabitants, it has four football clubs, three if we take into account that the CD San Javier has its own facilities.

CD Lourdes has twenty -one teams from different categories, to which we must add fifteen of Tudelano CD and one of Tutera Union, because it should be remembered that “we are one more club in the city”, in the words of the Department of Sports.

The state of the fields of Santa Quiteria is well known by the entire Tudelana population, since since its inauguration in 2008 they have needed innumerable repairs of different types;While these arrangements have never served to reach an optimal state of the facilities.Following the heavy rains of a week ago, the two lands are closed and, in theory, in repair, due to the deterioration that the state of the grass has suffered.

And it is from here where the main reason for our complaint comes: currently, neither we nor any Tudela club (except for CD San Javier) we have a football field, neither for training nor for meetings with rivals, and theCity Council does not give us a specific date in which we can have them again.From the City Council we have been proposed for these weeks of training, (and we quote the words of the e-mail received) "program training in other locations or other training, by the park of Santa Quiteria or similar spaces".

Here our first complaint, but there is still more, and no less serious.

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Since our women's soccer team has been forced to change its usual training hours in the San Julián Sports Center, due to the lack of space and time availability both in that and in any pavilion of the city.Our female team is offered, as an alternative (because we cannot call it a solution) to train in the pediment of the city of Tudela, which, obviously, does not meet the regulatory measures for the practice of room football, since it is a pediment andNOT A SALE FOOTBALL RKE.As if there were little, the occupation of municipal sports center, we learn that the City Council is offering the possibility of using these facilities to eleven football clubs as an alternative to the impossibility of using the Holy Quiteria fields.Solution that, as we say, the City Council contributes to the rest of the clubs but not to us.

In addition, this Saturday our Sala football team will play its first meeting in Tudela, but we are not offered any installation to which you can go public (for, what is needed to stand, due to the control measures of the COVID - 19), seeing us forced to play the meeting in some town of La Ribera.

For all this, we have been trying for days, both football and football, in facilities of Riberos villages, where, it seems, the rain does not affect its facilities and, in addition, they do have pavilions with stands so that the publiccan go to support the players.

In short, the City Council sells us (to the clubs and the Tudelana population in general) that the inauguration of the two new fields in the Camar Campoamor facilities will be the solution to the current problem of lack of facilities.But it is more than demonstrated that this is not like that: to the deficit of sports facilities in Tudela, we must add the neglect that the City Council shows when there is a mishap that affects the state and possibility of using the facilities.A city like Tudela, as well as their clubs and their fans, do not deserve to spend two weeks (for the moment, we will see if they are no longer) without training and without encounters, while no one looks for a solution, or fixing the affected fields or offering or offeringAlternative facilities for different sports practices.In addition to the poor condition of some facilities (excessively dirty and without caring football tracks, which ends up originating injuries, for example), we must add that rain can end up causing eternal stops.

Therefore, we can affirm that the new facilities will not solve the problem: as long.And while it rains.Because it can rain any day.

Tutera union