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The rehabilitation of the Peña Manterola and Becerra markets as part of the Tacubaya Regeneration Project still does not begin, but the works approval process has already started.

The Tacubaya Regeneration project aims, in addition to rehabilitating the so -called Lost City and Cetram Tacubaya, the renewal of both markets that are now unchanged.According to its workers and administration assistants, the visits by personnel of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (Seduvi) and Economics (SEDECO) were barely reactivated.

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The rehabilitation of the Peña Manterola market, also known as Cartagena and which is 65 years old, intends to connect, through a corridor, the whereabouts of Tacubaya and the Metro to reactivate its economy, since for at least 15 years,The activity in the market fell: of the 700 stores that it houses, today only around 350 works due to the low sales

Alistan nueva cara de mercados en Tacubaya - El Sol de México | Noticias, Deportes, Gossip, Columnas

In a tour made in the market, solitude was found in some halls, some even serve as a motorcycle parking because no one goes through the place, since its premises are empty.And although there are no leaks or flooded corridors, it does look careless in abandoned areas, where the premises curtains show a gray color instead of white.

Iván Igari, leader of the Peña Manterola market assembly and who sells sportswear in the place, commented in an interview that the market has declined a lot in its sales because there are already few people who live in the periphery, so the fewCustomers who have are the people who go or leave their work and use the Tacubaya Metro or some whereabouts of the whereabouts.

“With Cetram we expect our sales to increase, because many people will pass around here.At least we sell daily, we do not always sell and the expenses are daily, ”said Igari and added that every three weeks they hold meetings with the Secretariats of Economic Development, Urban Development, Mobility, in addition to the Mayor's Office of Miguel Hidalgo and tenants.

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