The White Lotus, the TV series with looks worthy of a luxury vacation

The White Lotus, the TV series with looks worthy of a luxury vacation

La producción de HBO Max ha alcanzado un gran éxito por su trama compleja sobre la realidad y la brecha social en Estados Unidos. En gran parte, gracias al vestuario.

Por Steff YotkaThe White Lotus, la serie de tv con looks dignos de unas vacaciones de lujo The White Lotus, la serie de tv con looks dignos de unas vacaciones de lujo

Have you seen The White Lotus?While 50% of the world is obsessed with the costumes of the new HBO series: and Just like that ... the other half has embroidery kftans, beach tops with flyers and tankinis in lime green, thanks to another series full of fashion, courtesy of this streaming service that recently arrived in Mexico and Latin America.

In the series The White Lotus, recreated a fictional resort by Maui in Hawaii, where 1% of the population (people with a high heritagecarefree guests;While the staff seems to be destined to "go unnoticed", as indicated by the general manager of the hotel in the first episode of one of the most viewed series of HBO Max for this season.

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And the clothes that these characters wear (obsessed with themselves) is very faithful to reality.At the moment you could have the impression of seeing a Housewives holiday special on the beach.Connie Britton and her character, Nicole Mossbacher, the important CEO of a technological company, transmits a bohemian and carefree vibrates with somewhat extravagant layers, while making zoom calls, super important, from her suite at White Lotus.

Nicole's daughter is called Olivia, played by Sydney Sweeney, a left -wing university student, whose costume consists of Golden Goose tennis and a series of vintage shirts;While her freemy, Paula, played by Brittany O'Gray, only uses shirts with stamped messages, as well as a more dark color palette.Regardless of Hawaii's radiant.

It is also worth mentioning the newly married couple Rachel Patton and her pedantA vacation painting board, which his mother probably made at the time of reserving the Palms room in the White Lotus (this uncomfortable mother -inthat equals in price, to the average salary of several years).

Special mention deserve the kaftans, Oh, the kaftans.Tanya Mcquoid (played by actress Jennifer Coolidge) an evasive woman, who cannot control her emotions and that in the end proves to be very cruel, and whose wardrobe is a reflection of the winds and sands of Palm Beach Beach.

The costume designer, Alex Bovaird, whose previous works in American Honey and Bad Education, also set a precedent;She had to work very hand with the creator of the series, Mike White, to be able to create the perfect closet of these capricious characters.In the production of The White Lotus he could also include some of his essential pieces such as Rachel's Goyard bag, as well as a Brooks Brothers sweater, which has a dirty destination at the end of the season.

Steff Yotka: The changing rooms gave such a successful note of that elite vacation style, where did you get inspiration?

Alex Bovaird: I did a lot of real -life research.I checked on Instagram the #Pinksands tag of the Bahamas, and began to think about country clubs and see how that type of people, who have a lot of money and attend this type of resorts, dress to vacation.

The White Lotus, la serie de tv con looks dignos de unas vacaciones de lujo

I obtained very good information with The Pink Sands and then obtained more information when going to the places where [these characters] could live.I drove to Newport Beach from Los Angeles, basically because stores in those areas were open, at that time everything was open ‘behind the Orange County curtain’, as we said.I had a lot on that side, and there are wonderful beach boutiques.

I also reviewed some magazines such as Aspen and Gotham, very specific for certain demographic and where you see all those social events and parties.Those are always good sources to investigate, as well as real life.

What character did you have more fun when creating your wardrobe?

Jennifer's [Coolidge] was very funny.Working with her is the maximum, it's funny.

The only thing I can think (and I think everyone) is in the kaftans ...

I'm very happy.There were some that I found in Latin America.While you advance with the projects, you know, you perfect what you do, because the truth is that there is not much time [to prepare].

I realized that South America and Central America have a fairly tropical climate [similar to Hawaii].So there are a couple of things that I got from a Colombian designer for Jennifer in a beautiful, very fresh linen.For breakfast at White Lotus, Connie [Britton] wears a good number of poupette st.Barths, which are very light, in cotton, fresh and are the type of garment used in that type of vacation.

That also makes the characters feel very authentic, traveling to the Caribbean or South America and returning home with a new wardrobe full of everything they bought

It was what tried to connect.They buy while they are on vacation.Regardless of where they go, they usually feel: what I bought makes no sense, so I better hurry and go the boutique or to the hotel store to buy something that is most appropriate.These characters have the resources to do so.

I return to Tanya's character, I must say that I was breathless in the scene where he goes to the pool to spy on his ‘crush’, with a Kaftan embroidered sequins

Sometimes this character is very over the top, but it works.I realized at the beginning that the hotel was actually quite large, so I could really create changing rooms and they would make a lot of sense to be in these cavernous and beautiful places.That is why I added very large earrings, I like characters with excess jewelry.

While the filming was done, I had to borrow very expensive clothes from one of the hotel boutiques, as well as jewelry that could never pay.I asked her borrowed for dinner scenes.Because we were all in the same location and it was more convenient for me.There are clothes from a local designer named Hildungund, and Molly [Shannon] also wore tens of thousands of dollars in diamonds and safiros.That was something really special because we were part of the hotel.

When you read the script and wears the part in which the bracelets of $ 75,000 occurs, how did the bracelets look in mind at the beginning, and how did you choose those that appeared on the screen?

In fact, I remember that the script said they were $ 25,000 bracelets.I thought about using replicas because you often need to have a spare pair in case they are lost, I also wanted to be part of the Connie closet throughout the season, so that they did not appear at the last moment.I thought of making false versions, but they do not shine in the same way and we were going to make close-ups;So I thought it would be better if I could work with real, expensive jewelry and a luxury firm.I looked for several such as Bulgari, Cartier, Harry Winston, but this Piaget collection was perfect.

She uses these superimposed piaget and pending pendant earrings too.Piaget's bracelets had a style of David Webb, as of the sixties;I even think these were a bit more great.I showed them to Mike and also Connie, and both of them liked.

It was a bit devastating to have to take care of these pieces of jewelry all the time.We put them in a safe, just as the character puts them all the time in the box.And it was a kind of test every time I used those jewels, that is, in each dinner scene at night.He even carries them on the ship;And I only thought: 'Oh no, why did I wear real garments?

You should have felt like an actress in the Oscars with your own bodyguard supervising the jewels

They sent a armored vehicle from the airport.They were in fact a group of armored cars that came from New York.They are very special.

How did you achieve the look of the rich mother on vacation?It is very successful, I know several women like this

She has the right accessories.He wore hats, jewelry, he has perfect beach tops.I mean that one of the tops is from Balenciaga.He also had several of those Poupette St dresses.Barths with the perfect fabric for that type of climate.She is that kind of character that would know perfectly where to find the perfect resort clothes, so she arrived on the island very prepared.It is a bit a reference to Goop, you know, she was the one who packed her clothes, she has two different tote bags from Louis Vuitton, and very good shoes.She knows how to achieve it.

Internet is obsessed with Olivia and Paula.How was the approach to achieve these two ‘gen z’ characters, who call themselves better friends, but in reality they have great tension in the background?

I know that many people of that generation tend to buy in second -hand stores, especially the type of girls they represent, you know, those who go to liberal arts schools.They dress in a somewhat random way, with shirts from a vintage store, man oversized shirts, but always with a short short.They are aware of themselves, but at the same time their looks have some repellent for men.

They often carry a shirt with some phrase or print.The spectators have nailed a lot with the books that read, did you combine the shirts with their books or did you include these pieces to make them look bigger and more philosophical?

A little yes, at a point Paula wears a Rage Against the Machine shirt.Both, when you see them for the first time, are carrying phrases: post Hope, a reference to the Obama shirts, and the other carries a Bardo College sweature.This is a joke because we imagine what would be to attend Bard College, but due to the state of the world, we have the feeling of being in a type of "bard" (purgatory).Maybe they also felt that they were in a purgatory on those vacations.His characters were very baffled by everything, it seems that they would prefer to be in another place.These shirts seemed to indicate their cynicism and, nevertheless, [also] the activism that seems to mold their characters.

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Olivia also seems to refine as episodes pass.At a point wear a pink dress ... Is it from Loveshackfancy?

It is not, but it is very similar to that.It is from an Australian brand called Petal and Pup, similar to the one you mention.It is with this striking pink design, with flyers, that achieves a more dream look.That was a conscious choice to push her towards her mother's world, at the end of the series, while Paula stays like an outsider.

In the office we have been discussing where Rachel got her Goyard bag.Can you tell us the previous story?She bought it or Shane did?

I wanted her closet to tell the story of someone who tries to fit into the opulent and obsessed world with the status in which she is getting.But that he also reflects that it is a bit cool, and how was she when she used to live in the East Village.I know many girls like this: they have just married a guy who works in finance, but she is an assistant to a fashion designer.So is how they mix their hamptons looks with that of ‘I am a designer assistant’.I feel that the bag is something that Shane bought Rachel, just because it's something his friends advised him to do.

That was my hypothesis, that Shane or his mother had given him the bag.Before cutting the call, I just need to know about Shane's sweater in the fifth episode, this piece has a cruel destination in episode six.It is a bluish green sweater with sailboats and birds, I mean it is totally crazy.

The sweater is from Brooks Brothers.Shane is a mixture of Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Etro, Polo ... I saw the Brooks Brothers sweater before Shane was selected, and I thought I should buy it in small, median and large size.I just thought fantastic.We love the idea that it is a bit like a 'child', so some of their garments are as a child, especially that.That particular sweater carries it when he is with his mother, so it was fun to wear something almost childish.I like that.I was determined in assembling that look.And everything is a little tight in him, his shorts were cut to play with this idea of the 'child'.

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