The University of Huelva claims greater financing and new degrees in the opening of its new course | - Huelva Economic and Business Information

The University of Huelva claims greater financing and new degrees in the opening of its new course | - Huelva Economic and Business Information

The Jacobo Building of the El Carmen Campus has been the scenario on which the opening ceremony of the 2018-2019 academic year was held this morning, chaired by the rector of the University of Huelva, María Antonia Peña, and the counselorof knowledge, research and university, Lina Gálvez.

The act began, as is tradition, with the investiture of new doctors and doctors.Then, the general secretary, Sonia Rodríguez, read the academic memory of the 2017-2018 academic year, highlighting the main achievements and advances of the institution in the last year.

The Professor of Financial and Tax Law of the University of Huelva, Salvador Ramírez, was in charge of pronouncing the inaugural lesson of the course, entitled “From the Lola Flores case to the Leo Messi case”, addressing a topic of great media news such as fraudProsecutor, "the lack of exemplarity of those who are obliged to her and the loss of ethical references that accompany her, which involve a bankruptcy of the social conscience that ends up undermining the foundations of the democratic system".

During his speech Salvador Ramírez stressed that “all people and administrations have that mandate of public exemplarity and also the university, because the ethical nature of our actions is a good that must be preserved diligently and without relaxation, since it is the vivifying foundationof everything else ".

The rector of the University of Huelva, María Antonia Peña, began her speech remembering one of the main and most beloved figures in the creation of the University of Huelva, which sadly left us on July 29, former rector Francisco Ruiz Berraquero, extolling "his human quality and the spirit of deep university ethics that knew how to convey to all those around him".

The rector also congratulated the new doctors and doctors who today have received the former Birrete that crowns their scientific and academic deserves.“In the context of a society that does not in vain it is called the knowledge and information society, the new doctors must serve as guidance and guide in the middle of the maze of our time, offering the permanent example of the study and audacityIn knowledge, ”he said.

Social relevance during his intervention, María Antonia Peña wanted to highlight "the social relevance of education and research and the value of the culture of effort".In this regard, he said that “the Spanish university is, without a doubt, at its best.This has been declared by the conference of rectors and rectors, just a few days ago, remembering the extraordinary work of the university communities of Spain to place our science and technology system, even with fewer resources than many countries in our environment, among theFirst ten of the world ".

La Universidad de Huelva reclama mayor financiación y nuevas titulaciones en la apertura de su nuevo curso | - Información económica y empresarial de Huelva

In order to be able to provide a solution to the problems and mismatches that the university system has presented for years, the rector claimed the counselor “a more fair financing system for universities of small and medium -sized universities, which allows us to converge with othersAndalusian universities with greater dimension in the public service we give to society ”.Similarly, "we want to convey the need to open the offer of degrees so that universities can face the future with a strategy that is more in accordance with the demands for specialization and adaptation to the labor market".

Among the novelties that are raised for the new academic year, the second for this rectory team, the most relevant is the opening at the end of the Higher Technical School of Engineering on El Carmen campus, the largest of the buildings of the campus ofEl Carmen and one of the largest surface of the province, the final result of a project that began more than ten years ago and has been arrested, due to economic and administrative problems, for many of them.

But, despite this visible novelty in the field of infrastructure, “a new infrastructure plan is necessary that meets the needs of many of our buildings that, after 25 years, present a state of structural deterioration and also to plan aFuture Resource Center for Learning and Research, of which a 21st Century University can no longer dispense ”.

Among some achievements of the institution, María Antonia Peña highlighted, in the Academic Planning Area, which is the first time that the Teaching Organization Plan is made public, which can be found in free access in the network."It is probably the most prominent element of the institutional transparency policy that we are promoting, since the POD is the document that includes all the teaching orders and exemptions of our university".

In the field of students, the first scholarship plan of the University of Huelva has been launched and the stepped automation system has been implemented, in convergence with the vast majority of Andalusian universities, which has managed to relieve the collapses ofSecretariat and traditional falls of the computer system.

At the same time, all regulations related to the student sector have begun to be updated, such as credit recognition, in order to favor external professional experience, and the referring to the necessary credits to enroll the end of the end of degree, whichIt has been flexible.Recently the University welcomed more than a thousand new students, recovering an institutional welcome “who sought to create a pleasant memory for such an important moment that they will remember their entire life: their first day at the university”.

For students, they are also working on the Ideas Factory project, “which promotes entrepreneurship, and in a transverse competence training program that will soon see the light in collaboration with the centers”.

For its part, the reception of foreign students has recovered in this course its upward trend, so that the International Relations Service of the University of Huelva is currently in charge of more than a thousand mobility.

Teaching is the oldest of the foundations of the University.The other is that of research."For this one that now begins we will increase the economic endowment of our research policy, in order to bet on excellence and, at the same time, support those who are incorporated into scientific tasks with impact results".

This research effort carried out by the Huelva scientific community results in the prestige achieved by the publications of our university.The most recent proof is the seal of excellence of editorial and scientific quality (with international mention) granted by the FECYT to the collection of annexes of the magazine Exemplario Classica.

In the area of information and communication technologies, this course has mainly characterized itself by the improvement of material infrastructure, user services and the strengthening of computer security and computer security equipment.

SERVICIÓN Inspector Antonia Peña also announced that the University of Huelva, relying on the regulation approved by the Governing Council of the University of Huelva in 2010, will return to the figure of the Service Inspector again, “which will ensure“ which will ensurefor strict compliance with procedures and regulations and will accompany centers, departments and services in their quality guarantees and functions supervision ”.

Finally, the rector recalled that this year she has had- and still has- "a special significance for the commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary in which we still meet.A program that has been carried out with external financing, which from here I want to thank, and that I hope you enjoyed and can continue enjoying in the coming weeks, especially with the scheduled concerts ”.

For her part, the Minister of Knowledge, Research and University, Lina Gálvez, stressed that "Huelva adds plenty of merits to meet the expectations of those people who 30 years ago claimed their own university".