"Système de la Mode" is the new RTW SS21 collection of 032C

"Système de la Mode" is the new RTW SS21 collection of 032C

"Système de la Mode" is the new RTW SS21 collection of 032C with which they show a vision beyond the reality that responds to the surrealist current situation

032c presenta su nueva colección “Système De La Mode”, la nueva entrega presentada a través de una campaña dirigida por la directora creativa Maria Koch, fotografiada por Max von Gumppenberg y diseñada por Marc Goehring a través de la que quieren adentrarse cada vez más en el diseño sostenible atemporal y de diseño vanguardista. Para las nuevas prendas y accesorios de la nueva colección RTW SS21 de 032c la adaptabilidad asume un importante papel y la innovación en el diseño sigue siendo una de las prioridades de esta revista y marca alemana enfocada en la cultura contemporánea alternativa.

The situation generated during this last year by the Coronavirus is one of the great inspirations of the designs of "Système de la Mode", since it presents garments and accessories made to adapt to any environment, just as we have had to do usin front of the surreal current situation.

"This collection responds to what is happening in the world, personal and globally, but also shows a vision beyond reality, more magical" Maria Koch, creative director of 032C RTW.

In the new RTW SS21 collection of 032C, clothing changes just like words change meaning and use depending on the context in which they are located.In the case of Apparel and accessories, their appearance is transformed and the message they transmit is transformed, not only over time due to the change of trends, but in the immediate present, reacting to the context of the "now".

Some of the strengths of the collection are the fabrics created by Ferdinand Schmidt-Thomé of the Chromatic Laboratory of Berlin: in the garments of the new collection of 032C we encounter wonderful stamps sensitive to UV light, details that shine in the dark,reflective threads or heat sensitive dye.This makes tangible what its creative director commented on in wanting to show a more fantasy version of reality, that although it does not change it, it makes us see things differently even if it is only for a certain fraction of time.

The collection includes a wide variety of silhouettes, among which the flexible black calf leather vest that at the same time serves as a degraded reflective parka or nylon jackets whose fabric shows the body temperature of the user that the user's body shows that the user that theTake put among others ... you will find these garments and many more from the new “Système de la Mode” RTW SS21 032C on its website on its website.