Reconciliation at the door? Chiquis and Lorenzo Méndez were caught together and she could be pregnant.

Reconciliation at the door? Chiquis and Lorenzo Méndez were caught together and she could be pregnant.

After Chiquis Rivera revealed that she was determined to divorce singer Lorenzo Méndez it seems that the plans have already changed because recently they became very much in love because it is also rumored that the daughter of?? the butterfly of the neighborhood? She's pregnant with the former vocalist of the original El Limón Band.

It should be remembered that a couple of weeks ago, Jenni Rivera's daughter was caught in the company of a famous restaurant businessman kissing, but now Chiquis has already stopped following Lord time on all her social networks, which could make the rumor of reconciliation with her still husband Lorenzo Méndez stronger.

Pregnant kids?

Social media already circulates a video in which a Lorenzo Méndez happy as she is recording a video of what will be her next job, the former vocalist from the original Banda El Limón Sale in a red jacket and black sweater in the company of his still wife Chiquis Rivera.

¿Reconciliación en la puerta? Chiquis y Lorenzo Méndez fueron atrapados juntos y ella podría estar EMBARAZADA

According to the information on the Instagram profile from Chisme I Don't like it would have been Chiquis who was looking for Lorenzo for a reconciliation so that he could resume his relationship, and it is rumored that Jenni Rivera's daughter is almost 4 months pregnant.

So far neither Rivera nor Méndez have confirmed or denied this information, however, it is expected that the details of their relationship will be made known in the next few days and whether the divorce process they are going through has been paused or cancelled.

In an interview Chiquis Rivera gave for people in Spanish, the winner at Grammy Latino Ella revealed that she missed Lorenzo very much and that she was saddened to be without him because she had married with the illusion that her love would be for life.

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Regarding the divorce, Chiquis said that there are still days that he misses him very much, and more when he sees photos and videos of both: it didn't work and that brings me a lot of sadness, I see videos on Instagram that fans make us and that comes to me because it got out of hand, but I feel calm because I gave the best of me.