Depop: This is the fashion app to buy and sell clothes

Depop: This is the fashion app to buy and sell clothes


Many users on Android seek to earn additional money selling clothes that no longer wear or look for vintage garments with which to revolutionize their cabinets.An application that is winning a hole in this field is Depap.This app is seen as many as the fashion application to buy and sell second -hand clothes throughout Europe, also available in Spain.

In Depop you will be able to buy and sell clothes and accessories to other users.It is a way that many young people use to get some additional money, in addition to being a good way to discover some jewels between the large amount of clothing we have available on the platform.


What is Depop

Depop is an application available on Android and iOS, as well as on the form of a website.This platform is a place where users can buy and sell second -hand or vintage clothes.Users are allowed to sell clothes, accessories and shoes and is mainly oriented to the street wear (clothing and urban fashion), as well as vintage fashion.

In the application we can find a wide selection of pieces with a wide variety of brands.In the streetwear field we have many popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, Champion, Vans, Supreme and Off-White available, among many others.In addition to legendary sports and that are rare to find or most interesting vintage pieces.Those looking for unique pieces to add to your closet, you can find them in this app.

Depop has become an especially popular option among young people around the world.At present, 18 million users have been exceeded on this platform, making it such an interesting option when selling and buying clothes.There are many people looking for unique pieces and in this app can be found.In addition, many designers or brands have also chosen it to sell their pieces.

New designers and a great community

As we mentioned, one of the keys in Depop is the presence of independent brands or designers who are taking their first steps in the fashion world.Many have opted to open a profile/store within the application and sell users around the world directly to users who discover their pieces.It is a good method, because many intermediaries are eliminated and allows the designer to have direct contact with people who buy clothes or accessories they sell.

That is why many people who have enormous interest in fashion use Depop as a way to discover new designers, before very popular or too expensive marks are made.In addition, the possibility of having contact with these designers or knowing other members of the community are something that also likes, because these connections help discover new pieces, stores or designers that have different clothes.

Depop: así es la app de moda para comprar y vender ropa

The application constantly adds new users, both buyers and vendors (brands, stores or designers), so there are always news available in the same.This is one of the great advantages, the one that has so much movement continuously, because you are not going to get bored and there will always be some new that will capture your interest.In addition, if there are users who capture your interest, it is possible to follow them, as if it were a social network.You can see their photos and the products they sell.

One of the keys in Depop is that it also serves as inspiration, if you were looking for new style ideas or want to see trends in urban fashion, for example.Thanks to this function inspired by social networks with which to follow other users, you can see at all times those trends or take ideas about what other people wear, for example.They are a good help to see what is fashionable.

Sell your clothes

Many people use Depop as a simple way to earn additional money by selling their clothes or accessories on the platform.The one that there are millions of active users worldwide hel.In the app we can upload those products that we want to sell, uploading a photo, a description of the same and its status and the price we ask for the same.

The platform charges a 10% commission for sale.That is, if you sell a garment through the app, you will have to give it 10% of the money you have charged to the firm, as a commission.This is the only commission in it, you do not have to pay for each product that you put up for sale, so in general it is not something that will affect us too much or to really take off benefits.It is also lower than the commissions that we are in other apps of this type today.

Depop also will help you in the sale of your clothes or accessories.The application has a multitude of positioning tips, from the best way to take photos to make these pieces more attractive, to advice when negotiating for the price or how to combine pieces.This type of tips can help your presence on the platform to grow and thus sell your clothes faster within it.For designers starting, it can be a good option to take into account.

How to buy in Depop

To use Depop you will have to download the app on your Android phone or use the web on your PC.The first step will be the creation of the account, with your username, email and the usual data.Once we have an account, we will have to select a payment method that we want to use in this case, having PayPal support, for example, which is especially comfortable in this regard.So you can resort to this system to pay.

Once the account is ready, you can start navigating the app looking for what you want to buy.There are various categories, as you can see, with clothes and accessories organized in the same.So finding what you are looking for in Depop will be somewhat simpler.In addition, within each category you can add filters, such as size or brand you are looking for this product.This will make it very easy to find a piece of clothing you are looking for on the platform.

When you have found that piece you want to buy, you will only have to click on Buy Now, so that you add to your purchase car.If it is the only thing you were looking for, you can proceed to end the purchase.Each seller in the store has conditions of sale and shipping, although in general UPS is usually used, but in the profile of this seller you will see before finishing the purchase which company will use for that shipment and if there are additional costsassociated with said purchase, for example, as shipping costs.

For these purchases to be safer, sellers have valuations.Those sellers that are reliable and that meet their conditions or that give a good treatment usually have high scores.It is something that we can use as an indicator to know if a seller on the platform is reliable.Depop is usually sure, but this type of aid is a good way to reduce risks when we want to buy something.So if we see a seller without valuations or that has negative assessments, we can avoid buying, while another with good assessments and also a good amount, it is a seller that we know will give us just problems and everything should go.

Is it worth buying at Depop?

Depop has become a very popular platform in Europe, which is increasingly expanding in countries on the continent.Many young people make use of this platform to buy and sell their clothes, because there are many options available in it, in addition to the good prices there are and the brands that young people want to have are present in the same.For those interested in urban fashion, this platform is undoubtedly the place where they must be.

The one who has barely commissions helps to earn money by selling clothes, in addition to making it very simple and many decide to start selling clothes and accessories in this app.In addition, we find many emerging designers in it, so we will discover new brands that interest us or be able to obtain inspiration for our looks and when renewing our closet.The component of the social network and the great user community in Depop are something that contributes to this clearly.

Undoubtedly, it is presented as a good option to buy and sell clothes and surely its growth will continue, so that we are going to listen much more about Depop, which promises to be one of the most popular online stores in Europe.

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