How much money Patrick Mahomes earns: salary, sponsorships, and assets


Patrick Mahomes firmó el contrato más lucrativo en la historia la nfl con los Kansas City Chiefs por 450 millones de dólares a cambio de 10 años.

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Si Tom Brady es el mejor quarterback en la historia de la nfl, Patrick Mahomes podría serlo si su carrera se parece algo a la de TB12. Por ahora, es el QBmás joven en ganar el premio al MVP del Super Bowl y el mejor pagado en la liga tras firmar el contrato más lucrativo al acordar 450 millones de dólares por 10 años.

His rookie contract, taken in the first round, earned him the first $24,647,567 million in his first four years as a professional. By the end of his contract extension, in 2031, he will have earned nearly $500 million.

Investments Cuánto dinero gana Patrick Mahomes: salario, patrocinios, y patrimonio

Mahomes has understood the business model followed by American sports superstars like LeBron James. Derek Jeter and others; invest in any other professional league. He has done it in the Kansas City Royals of the Major Leagues and in Sporting Kansas City of the MLS. In addition, it recently invested in the Whataburger fast food chain to bring the Texan-brand hamburgers to Missouri.

Sus patrocinios pasan por muchos rubros. El principal es con Adidas, quienes crearon una línea de zapatillas y ropa personalizadas para Mahomes. Además, están los patrocinios de Airshare, BioSteel, Bose, Nestlé, Oakley, Panini, Procter & Gamble, State Farm, entre otros.


Likewise, he has been the face of Madden, the very famous Electronic Arts video game franchise, on two occasions. In 2020 he was featured on the cover solo and in the 2022 issue he shared credits with Tom Brady.

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